I'm heading across the pond tonight to play two gigs in the UK with AWB. This coming Saturday (June 29) we're at the Tramshed in Cardiff, Wales. This is a warmup for one of the biggest gigs I've ever done with them, headlining at Royal Albert Hall in London on Monday July 1. We're doing a special show re-creating the "White Album" in its entirety (along with other tunes – it will be a 2-hour show in total). It's been 45 years since its release and I guess that's cause for something! If anyone is in the Cardiff area, I might be able to snag a few guest spots. Can't do anything about RAH in that regard though, sorry.

This will be a very short visit, but in September we'll be touring for three weeks all over the UK with additional stops in Paris, Belgium & the Netherlands. Hope to see some of the KC folks then!