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Roland Juno DS88 and Yamaha MODX6 Killer rig! #2993987 06/12/19 06:30 PM
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I have just finished programming my rig to incorporate my Juno DS88 into the rig to control the MODX6. There's a few reasons why I am going with this instead of the PX5S for a hardware rig. The Casio is still my 88 note board for Mainstage/GigPerformer.

As most of you know, the MODX isn't really a workstation, even though you can make it do workstation things.

As such, the JunoDS is a better fit.

On the MODX, different programs can use several parts for one sound. An example is the Bosendorfer pianos.

Staying with that example, and wanting to add a pad or strings, means more parts added (up to 16 total) Then if you want to play one sound only from the MODX, you have to make sure your parts/zones are chained properly.

The Juno helps this a lot since you can access 16 parts in edit mode, and turn them on or off. This is important as sometimes the complex MODX sounds get triggered based on where they are in the chain, and depending on the sound, you can't really move it.

What's nice is, I now have several Performances set up on the JunoDS in various part configurations as far as on or off, that correspo9nd the the program on the MODX.

All my MODX performances are in Live Set. Those performance are programmed to send the MSB/LSB/PC to the Juno. Touch the Live Set on the MODX, and the Juno goes to the proper program.

One thing on the Juno: Roland didn't publish the PC data for the performances, only the individual patches. However, the Juno performances are still MSB 85 LSB 00 PC whatever performance #, just like my old Fantom X.

I think the reason they didn't is because you can't change modes on the Juno via MIDI. You have to put the Juno in Performance mode, then it takes the PC#

On some songs, I am also using some Roland sounds. I tested it the other day when setting up at a festival that had huge arrays and subs. FAT ANALOG-type synth bass... ahhhhh that was fun smile

The Super Knob is still the coolest thing to me, and like I've said before, it's like having Mainstage built into the keyboard as far as control goes.

I have one program where it brings in one sound, while lowering the other, and at the same time changing the AMP EG Attack on a third sound, just using my FC7. Having Mainstage experience actually helps when setting up the complex controls on the MODX.

Anyway, still loving the MODX!

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Re: Roland Juno DS88 and Yamaha MODX6 Killer rig! [Re: EscapeRocks] #2994008 06/12/19 09:16 PM
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I'd say none of the mentioned boards are workstations, since none have an editable multitrack sequencer. But yeah, I can see the DS being a cool complement with its 16 zone functionality. And the DS still does some nice things you can't do on the MODX.

Another similar mate to the MODX could be the Kross, which also does 16 zones, and has the advantage of being able to associate Program Changes with each of its zones. Lighter travel weight, too. But each has its advantages.

Anyway, it's a nice rig, enjoy!

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