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#2989723 - 05/15/19 12:05 PM Access Virus
KorgyPorky Offline
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Maybe its me, but this seems to still be the most versatile synth out there with a dedicated interface..

Sure there is a lot of analogues and hybrid crossovers, but i dont think anything comes close to the Versatillity and powerfull engine of the Virus ti(2). It can do it all from warm analogue sounds to digitall squeeks

And i keep wondering what would have happened if they would have kept developing this brand any further. The concept is brilliant.. if they would habe just kept adding features, types of oscilators, new dsp, sound improvements.. more processor power.. they would have been in a league of their own by now..but i guess its easier to make a living in the guitar world of things..

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#2989726 - 05/15/19 12:16 PM Re: Access Virus [Re: KorgyPorky]
zeronyne Offline
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I don't think the Kemper was an either/or proposition, and while I'm sure it was an economic move to discontinue development on the Virus platform, I would guess that it was a law of diminishing returns. You could always improve code, but you are already saying that, in your opinion, it's the most versatile synth out there. to make it 25% more versatile would probably take quadruple the development and design investment and double the base manufacturing costs, and competing with softsynths, especially at the Ti2 era, was unsustainable. So while i agree that the MI market is more enthusiastic for a super high end modeling amp, I don''t think that margins alone were the driver.
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#2989830 - 05/16/19 08:07 AM Re: Access Virus [Re: zeronyne]
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Agreed, I regret selling my Virus b, but I got what I paid (used) for it and needed a clonewheel...something had to give smile

I used mine for classic rock synth stuff and felt it excelled. I had a blast tweaking stuff at gigs as my mood hit...I had 10-15 patches and just modified them, sometimes greatly, from song to song smile

Great build quality and keybed, though I have the same (tp9 iirc) in my Kurzweil pc361 for studio use.


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