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#2980204 - 03/15/19 06:09 AM Pick Trick & Fix right hand Offline

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I am sharing some tricks on how to use your pick alternatively and efficiently and how to improve your right-hand movements. I hope that you will find it useful and valuable. Comments appreciated.



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#2980231 - 03/15/19 09:18 AM Re: Pick Trick & Fix right hand [Re:]
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Hey, A Cloud, I missed your 1st appearance & will check those vids shortly.
Meanwhile we're always glad to have new members !
Just watched

More interesting than yer PickTrick [TM ? :D]
is the L hand technique you exhibit @ 0:550~1:00

...gave me a clue as to why I couldn't quite catch the events in the 1st vid----there's a disorienting audio/visual lag to your videos that makes it a bit tricky trying to catch details.

On the other hand (so to speak grin ) the illustration of your techniques by pantomime makes them universally understandable.
Great idea !

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#2980301 - 03/15/19 08:40 PM Re: Pick Trick & Fix right hand [Re: d]
Larryz Offline
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Welcome Aboard AC! Brian Setzer uses a similar idea for switching from finger style to using a pick but he holds the pick with the index finger. I like your way better holding it with the ring finger. However I don't use either method and play hybrid style using the pick and 3 fingers. cool

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#2980414 - Yesterday at 04:16 AM Re: Pick Trick & Fix right hand [Re: Larryz]
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Well, I've never learned much by just WATCHING without some accompanying explanation, else by now I too, should be able to play PIANO like VLADIMIR HOROWITZ! wink

Plus I never felt the need to switch from flat-picking to finger picking all in the course of one song, so..... It does look like some interesting instruction for anybody who IS looking for a different approach so too..... wink

And also welcome to the boards! smile
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