Hello everyone,

I would like to be able to assign a function to the Lock button and save it to a patch, but the userguide does not mention how to do this. Also, I have not found anything by Googling or seaching different forums, so I hope someone out there has some advice on how to do this.

From the userguide, p. 27:

"Note that some factory Patches include activation of the LOCK button; this will be indicated by the button being illuminated. This will mean that a parameter is already assigned to the TOUCHED/FILTER knob, ..."

I have not heard of any hidden or locked parameters, so if the different factory patches have some particular functionality, the user patches should have the same functionality. In other words, it should be possible to assign a parameter to the Lock button on a user patch. Also, it should be possible to reassign the parameter associated with the Lock button on a factory patch as well (thereby turning it into a user patch).

I have tried assigning a function by changing a parameter and then pressing the Lock button. This works fine, the Touched/Filter knob controls the parameter as expected. However, the assignment is for some reason not stored together with the patch when I use the Write function. So when I select the patch next time, the Lock parameter is back to what is was before (or None, as the case might be).

Please help! :-/