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#2980126 - 03/14/19 01:44 PM Easy MIDI question...
Marillo Offline
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...for someone, but obviously not me!

If I'm using a module (Roland SE-02) and controlling it with my upper keyboard (Juno DS), is there a way I can get the module to sound on some songs in the setlist but not others, and on certain parts of the keyboard but not others - without altering the volume controls on either synth?

Quick example: I turn Local off on the Juno DS because I just want the SE-02 to sound for 'Frankenstein'. Then the next track is Time by Pink Floyd. Here I want a big bass note to sound from the module to sound in the bottom half of the Juno DS for the verse, but a light airy string patch from the Juno for the chorus. I realise I have to turn Local back 'on' for this, but how do I stop the SE-02 from sounding right across the keyboard?!

For info, I also use a Nord Electro 5D on the bottom which I think does allow such a split, but that would involve changing the lead over mid-set.

The reason I have it connected to the Juno DS is because i need the mod lever, especially for that Frankenstein solo!

I realise this is head-spinning, but hope you can help!

Thanks in advance.

KC Island
#2980132 - 03/14/19 02:25 PM Re: Easy MIDI question... [Re: Marillo]
ChazKeys Offline
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A simple way to mute the SE-02 is to create a preset that doesn't produce any sound. Turn the oscillator levels to 0. Recall this preset when you only want to play the DS. Alternatively does the SE-02 store the volume for each preset?

MIDI Solutions Event Processor would be able to do key splits but you would need to learn how to program it. With the Event Processor you would need to allocate a couple of controls on the DS that you don't need. These are then used to call up different settings stored in the Event Processor.

Keyboard splits could also be done with an iPad app like iMidiPatchbay. You would have to do some programming - and you need an iPad and CCK.

#2980348 - 03/16/19 10:06 AM Re: Easy MIDI question... [Re: ChazKeys]
Marillo Offline
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Thanks for advice CK...I tried creating a silent patch on the SE-02 but there is always some residual key-click noise or something that does actually sound. And anyway that wouldn't help with the situation on songs where I want the SE-02 to sound in the lower registration and the Juno in the upper.

MIDI event processor probably best way to go...

#2980357 - 03/16/19 12:11 PM Re: Easy MIDI question... [Re: Marillo]
JerryA Offline
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The Juno D has a performance mode. Check the manual around page 55.

There are 16 parts in a performance, each with itís zone of keys. Each part can be set up to send midi externally or not. If the Juno D works the way other Roland romplers do, you can toggle parts on and off at will. So imagine:

String patch with Juno D sounds on part1
SE-02 bass patch on part 2 (no Juno D sound)

When you activate part 1 you get strings. When you activate part 2 you get bass. When you activate both you get both. (Using the toggle buttons under screen)

Hope this works. Let us know.


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