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#2983330 - 04/03/19 02:08 PM Re: Bluegrass Guitar [Re: d / halfnote]
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They are a standard banjo tuner except they have two set screws on the back. One stops the tuner on the top pitch and the other sets the pitch on the bottom note. The interval is whatever you make it. Country guys will put them on Teles sometimes. Clarence White's old Tele that Marty Stuart plays has a banjo tuner on the low E string.

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#2983331 - 04/03/19 02:18 PM Re: Bluegrass Guitar [Re: d / halfnote]
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Wish I could help d / halfnote. I'm not a banjo kind of guy and I think CEB can provide better info. Marty Stuart has two Scruggs tuners on his Telecaster on the 1st and on the 6th string along with a B bender.

Basically they allow you to drop tune and come right back to the original tuning. How? I'm not sure on the banjo! The B bender on Teles work off of the front strap holder. They drop the B string, when you raise your shoulder and come back when you lower your shoulder. Many of the newer models have a large chrome knob on them right behind the bridge that works like a whammy for the B string only. Mainly used to get a steel guitar sound. Some guys like Junior Brown can drop several whole steps on a stock Tele using the 6th string, by ear, and using the tuning machine, come right back to the original tuning while playing a boogie tune cool

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#2983412 - 04/04/19 04:20 AM Re: Bluegrass Guitar [Re: Larryz]
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I think in Earl's case, seeing it's an old clip( or rather, a clip of an old performance) that it's his skill and experienced ear.

M'man CHRIS SMITHER uses a wide variety of alternate tunings which he routinely changes several times a performance. And does so without any special or specific tuning devices, just a sharp ear. wink
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#2984346 - 04/09/19 12:23 PM Re: Bluegrass Guitar [Re: whitefang]
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Nah, that clip LarZ posted shows that it's automatic.
He didn't pause for a moment to hear the pitch or tweak the turn.

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