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#2979078 - 03/07/19 04:55 AM Re: How Do You Listen to Music Now? [Re: surfergirl]
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Originally Posted By: surfergirl
Whitefang, I would rather be hanging at Starbucks studying then sitting in traffic. cool

wink Fair 'nuff.

But at my age and general health situation, I don't "hang" anywhere.

'Cept 'round the house. wink

And since it's been 50 years since I've been in school, I usually only study human nature these days.

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#2979089 - 03/07/19 06:17 AM Re: How Do You Listen to Music Now? [Re: d / halfnote]
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Originally Posted By: d
Originally Posted By: Winston Psmith

Yeah, I actually don't think I've ever heard The Bonzos on radio, except for Stanshall's Rawlinson's End series.

BTW & FWIW, as I looked at that cover shot
I kept imagining it was BEGGAR'S BANQUET
with (L to R) B Jones, K Richard, Wyman on the ground, Jagger & Watts. grin facepalm

IIRC, without digging out the liner notes from gawd-knows-where, that's "Legs" Larry Smith (lavender pants), Neil Innes (hand in air), Roger Ruskin Spear (on the ground), Vivian Stanshall in black, and Rodney Slater as whatever that is?

I first heard the Bonzos on FM radio in NYC, then when I moved to D.C., a local college station used to play all manner of crazed stuff, Bonzos, Zappa, Budgie, all the Canterbury bands (Caravan, Hatfield & the North, Henry Cow), all the early Prog bands, what-have-you.
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