I decided that it's simpler to offer the Best Service libraries in one listing, as they have a uniform policy of 25 euros license transfer fee, paid by the seller, which I would pad for the vagaries of currency exchange and various currency and PayPal fees.

Although the Galaxy Pianos can be bought as a suite new for $259 and are sold individually for $115, I bought the three separately during special sales, so I can only sell them separately, meaning three transfer fees vs. one for the set.

Galaxy II Steinway -- Model D70 (Hamburg) -- $40 on its own (including fees)
Galaxy II German Baby Grand -- Bluethner Model 150 (1929, Leipzig) -- $40
Galaxy II Vienna Grand -- Boesendorfer Imperial 290 -- $40 on its own

-- $100 for the three together; the fees that I pay to best Service are the same (75 euros), but I consolidate my margin of error in the exchange rate and PayPal cut.

The Galaxy II Pianos are Kontakt Player licenses, not requiring a Kontakt license.

Best Service Voyager Drums -- Yamaha Maple Custom, and Yamaha Recording Custom -- well-recorded, but I prefer to focus on just one workflow, which for me is now Toontrack Superior Drummer -- note that this is an ENGINE library, but ENGINE is free -- this goes for $100 new; I only ask the transfer fee plus a safety zone: $40

I have the full edition of Voyager, but it is marked as "Bdl." and on that same date a freebie sampler pack of all Best Service libs was registered. So there's a mild possibility that resale isn't allowed. More likely, the free sampler pack comes with it. Best Service is VERY responsive though, so once you know you want Voyager Drums, I can inquire to make sure its license can be transferred. It isn't in my Best Service order history so I think I bought it from Plug-in Deals vs. directly from Best Service.

Best Service Organum Venezia -- a French romantic organ that runs on the free ENGINE player -- I have the expensive VSL organ and it has so many stops that I rarely need another organ source anymore -- this sells for $90; I only ask the transfer fee plus a cushion for fees: $40

Complete Orchestra Collection -- from Peter Siedlaczek, and similar in quality and timbre to the Miroslav Philharmonik offered by IK Multimedia, this is a suite that includes String Essentials, Complete Classical Collection, and String Tools -- this goes for $189 new, so I'm asking a little bit for myself on this one: $60 (includes the 25 euros for the license transfer fee).

If you buy them all, I can pull down my cushion a bit more, as the PayPal fees do scale down a bit when combined.

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