I play in the house band for a couple of recurring events. I've posted some clips from one of them--the one where we tribute a different artist each month. The clip below is from a similar night at a different bar, and the tributee was Jeff Buckley. Lower key but still fun. The house band was 3/4ths of the one from the other place, which is not an unusual circumstance in town.

For this night, there were two parts: maybe 6 solo selections played by individual players, and then a full-band run-through of the album Grace with different singers for each song.

I don't sing that much for my gigs, and most of the people I play with don't even know I sing (or whatever you call what I do) and that I still think of myself primarily as a singer-songwriter. But I knew Jeff Buckley did a version of Satisfied Mind (it was the song played at his memorial too) and asked if I could do it in the solo set.

So, this is that. The changes are Buckley's changes, which are different from the usual ones. (Except in the second verse, when I went a little rogue on that.) My voice takes a line or 17 to settle in. And don't even get me started on people to don't turn their phone sideways when taking video.

I promise the club wasn't quite as empty as you'll think seeing the vid. It was just not quite a crowd-the-stage kind of night, and the people are all to the left and behind the person who took the (vertical!) video.