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#2974935 - 02/10/19 11:31 AM Fender-Vox-Marshall
DocPate Offline
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Fender vs Vox vs Marshall: What's the Difference? | Reverb Tone Report

GP Island
#2974990 - 02/10/19 05:56 PM Re: Fender-Vox-Marshall [Re: DocPate]
desertbluesman Offline
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Here is what I have to say about those three brands. I can get a 6L6 or 6V6 power tube amp from Fender. The other two are usually all EL tube based. So I have had both a Marshal and many Fenders, but never wanted a Vox so far. I have had several EL power tube based amps and they all went away rather rapidly...... They seem fizzier and not so full sounding to me vs the 6L6 or 6V6 power tube amps.
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#2975023 - 02/10/19 09:54 PM Re: Fender-Vox-Marshall [Re: desertbluesman]
Larryz Offline
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I don't care for Marshall and Vox amps. I've always been a Fender tube amp kind of guy. I love the clean sound I get for clean lead and rhythm playing along with the great spring reverb sound provided by the Fender amps. I'm not knocking the other two winners as they have been part of rock and roll history for many decades and many players love them... cool
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#2975024 - 02/10/19 10:11 PM Re: Fender-Vox-Marshall [Re: Larryz]
Mark Schmieder Offline
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I have a hand-wired AC15 which I love. But my bread-and-butter amps are all Fender. All four of them. :-) I also have a Mesa/Boogie take on the Marshall thing. I rarely use it. :-) I even use my Fender Bassman LTD on P-Bass at my jazz combo gigs. I have a Mesa/Boggie bass amp too, which is sort of doing an Ampeg thing. Fender rules though! Everything slots into the mix so well.
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#2975095 - 02/11/19 10:54 AM Re: Fender-Vox-Marshall [Re: Mark Schmieder]
p90jr Offline
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I love Vox amps. I love Marshall/Sovtek amps. I love Fender amps. I love Supro amps. There's a gig and a song that calls for each of them and more.

The differences in power tubes can be imitated by tone circuitry, which is the magic trick that my Blackstar Club 40 does, and then Egnater has its Rebel that actually has EL84 and 6L6 power tubes in the same amp for you to toggle between...


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