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#2974536 - 02/08/19 10:08 AM Back from the DEAD!
RobRose Offline
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Registered: 02/16/08
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Loc: Langley, BC
Wow! I thought this board was shut down. Thrilled to see it up and still going strong. Moved out to the West Coast, but still get back to play with BluesApe from time to time.

These days, playing exclusively through a Quilter Mach 2 mini-stack and a Mooer Red Truck. Still have the trusty Bill Nash modded Les Paul. SO happy to be able to catch up.

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#2974538 - 02/08/19 10:27 AM Re: Back from the DEAD! [Re: RobRose]
desertbluesman Offline
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Welcome back amigo.
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#2974555 - 02/08/19 12:13 PM Re: Back from the DEAD! [Re: RobRose]
Caevan O'Shite Offline
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Hey! Rob Rose! Long time, no see. Searchin' for somethin' just yesterday, I ran across an O0O0O0O0O0LD thread where your name jumped out- 'smatter o' fact, I believe that you and I and several others were named and blamed for Reif's having bought another guitar... grin

Good to see ya! wave
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#2974559 - 02/08/19 12:29 PM Re: Back from the DEAD! [Re: Caevan O'Shite]
Danzilla Offline
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And here I was thinking was a Spinal Tap discussion.

Welcome back, Rob! Quilters are gaining some popularity. Lead guitarist in my current band uses a Mach2 as well.
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#2974573 - 02/08/19 01:23 PM Re: Back from the DEAD! [Re: Danzilla]
Larryz Offline
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Welcome back Rob! Glad you found the site still up and many of us still among the living! thu
Take care, Larryz

#2974646 - 02/08/19 05:35 PM Re: Back from the DEAD! [Re: Larryz]
d / halfnote Offline
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Originally Posted By: RobRose
Wow! I thought this board was shut down.

A couple times it has been. Python
Glad to hear of another returning rather than departing.

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#2974720 - 02/09/19 04:05 AM Re: Back from the DEAD! [Re: d / halfnote]
whitefang Offline
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Yep. Many of us still make this place a daily habit. wink
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#2974731 - 02/09/19 07:23 AM Re: Back from the DEAD! [Re: whitefang]
A String Administrator Offline
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WB, Man!
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#2974821 - 02/09/19 01:08 PM Re: Back from the DEAD! [Re: A String]
picker Offline
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Hey, duder!
Always remember that you’re unique. Just like everyone else.

#2975388 - 02/12/19 01:49 PM Re: Back from the DEAD! [Re: picker]
timtheshredder Offline

Registered: 02/07/19
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Good to see you back!
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