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#2968178 - 01/10/19 11:48 AM Bird [Music] Box
hipogrito Offline
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If instead of some sort of demons that when you look at them you want to kill yourself, like in Netflix's Bird Box, how about those pieces of music that are totally legit, done by good/known musicians, that for whatever reason, make you want to kill yourself?

And I'm not talking about the cars of kids of stuff like that (debated here in other posts). And I'm talking about particular things within a song.

For example, Bebe Rexha - Meant to Be, a hit that you will hear in many radio stations all the time... you put the car and it'll be in whatever light rock FM station or, I suppose, country-pop stations. Totally well done and played, with the famous beat that is killing country (see another post for that), but if I hear that repetitive note of the chorus one more time I'm going to directly die. It's a note (probably because of the backing vocals, perhaps a copy and paste issue??? don't know) that sticks to your brain in a really bad way. Instead of Sandra Bullock's thingy to cover her eyes I am going to need some nice earplugs...

How about yours?

Hey, perhaps Netflix wants to sponsor a movie about it!


KC Island
#2968268 - 01/10/19 08:07 PM Re: Bird [Music] Box [Re: hipogrito]
waygetter Offline
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I listened to Bebe Rexha and wanted to kill myself after 5 seconds


#2968398 - 01/11/19 03:14 PM Re: Bird [Music] Box [Re: waygetter]
Music Bird Offline
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Modern rap music. I canít take any more Lils and Yungs anymore. Too many of them.
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#2968419 - 01/11/19 06:16 PM Re: Bird [Music] Box [Re: Music Bird]
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OT to the OP but a recent post on Instagram announced that Netflix is rushing out a sequel to Bird Box.

To be called Batter Box, it is based on the Australian Cricket Teams dismal batting performance in the recent test against India.
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