Selling my beloved 88 Pro. Gigged with this keyboard for 12 years yet the keyboard still looks in great shape. It is built like a tank. Not one breakdown issue after 1000 shows and practices. All functions still work. I bought this keyboard new in 2001. Has the Real Pro piano as part of the Pro kit. The Pro kit also includes an upgraded Rhodes, Wurli, Clav and CP80 along with the upgraded piano. It is still my go to piano in studio recordings to this day. I also installed the 32 meg memory expansion kit. The keyboard comes with an internal 2 gig hard drive and a Fatar weighted keybed. I have developed my own Hammond preset that I used with my Motion Sound Pro 3T. The keyboard has 8 built-in sliders that independently control 16 functions so I used the sliders to control the 9 hammond drawbars. The Hammond sounds pretty convincing when used with an external leslie sim, the acoustic piano is excellent by my standards. Comes with 2 midi outs, two midi ins, and two midi thru's. The internal battery is 6 months old. Comes with the original packaging, manual and operating disks. The 88 pro is heavy due to the weighted Fatar keybed. I still gig with the 76 key version of this keyboard. The MSRP on this board was $3699. I still have original bill of sale. I purchased this from Sam Ash. Asking $500 + shipping. Will only ship within the US.

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