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#2965851 - 12/31/18 02:16 AM 2019 resolutions
EddiePlaysBass Offline
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Yes yes, this year as well I will go the distance. Link to last year's thread can be found here.

Interestingly, my resolutions are just about the same BUT more concrete. I may be learning ... In 2019 I will:

- change teams within my job; this means I will abandon my position of go-to person and go back to learning a lot of new skills etc. Should be interesting!
- take up a course in ukulele! Already paid for, this 10-lesson course will guarantee that I get at least 9 workouts on the uke in 2019. Yes, already need to skip one day due to a Greta van Fleet concert...
- play the blues in 12 keys. I figured that a year has 12 months, so if I work on one key every month, I might actually make progress!
- "transcribe" 12 chosen tracks - this will ensure I train my ear because for the band I mainly either rely on tab or go with the chord flow and make things up as we go along.

Other than that, I spent way too much time lifting weights and not enough time running - figured as much when I went for a 5K last week and found I really, really miss running. So there will be more of that in 2019. Just how much more, I do not know.

Let's play!
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#2966023 - 12/31/18 10:43 PM Re: 2019 resolutions [Re: EddiePlaysBass]
Paul K Offline
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Say hello to Greta for me.
Happy New Year, love to you as well as the rest of ya'll!
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#2969025 - 01/15/19 09:18 AM Re: 2019 resolutions [Re: Paul K]
jcadmus Offline
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A scosh late to the party, but here are mine:
1) Eat better -- no, I don't believe in diets and I'm not going to make myself miserable. But after over-indulging through the holidays, it's time to cut back on the carbs, sugar, fat and portions in general, and eat more of the right stuff.

2) More music -- I enjoy nothing more. So I'm going to seek more opportunities to play, and to attend more live shows.

3) More Jekyll, less Hyde -- I'm not only going to focus on being kinder, but also on being conscious of my hot buttons and how I react when they're pushed.

4) Keep writing -- I'm going to polish my craft by blogging regularly on various platforms, and promoting my first novel and getting to work on my second one.
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