Edit: OMG, I fixed it. I'm leaving this post up in case anyone else in the future ever needs to find it.

It turns out all I had to do was "show track icons"! I usually just hide them to save space (plus I don't care for the rather cartoon-ish images and just choose no icon). But if I click in the empty space where the icon would have been, it works.


Hi all, I'm hoping that some of the very helpful people I've encountered here can come to my rescue once again as many are very smart indeed!

I'm using a Roland FA series into Logic Pro X.

I'm creating an External MIDI track. I also create an Audio Track to monitor.

I've downloaded an "Environment" from the Roland Clan Forum a user posted there and so far so good - it works.

Sort of.

Here's the issue: I had forgotten that you can just double click the track controls of a MIDI Track to show a "patch browser".

This is awesome because you can open it up, arrow through (in any direction - even wraps around!) the patches and audition the sounds. You can also change bank and get another 128 patches.

Previously I had been using the Program and Bank submenus in the Inspector. I was OK with those but the "patch browser" window is so much better, because in the Inspector, you can't keep the submenu open, so you have to let it close and re-open it to pick another sound - which sucks when you're trying to audition various sounds to see what you want on a track.

So I thought when I re-discovered the "patch browser" window I was golden. It was working great, and I was able to organize the Banks I slightly customized and modified from the original template.

Until, I added a 2nd track.

Then, double-clicking in the track controls reverts to the same thing it does for Audio Tracks - highlights a value field, like to re-name it, or enter volume amount, etc.

And it takes the fully functional first track and reverts it to this same behavior - so BOTH of them will not open the "patch browser" when either is double clicked.

So I'm back to having to use the pull down menus. Which sucks.

I've not found very much information on the Environment at all. Nobody seems to know how to use it save for maybe like 5 people on the planet! So I'm hoping against hope here.

Worst case though, at least I can use the pull down menus.

But it sure would be nice to be able to use that Patch Browser...

TIA if you can help.

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