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#2952829 - 10/13/18 07:34 AM Synclavier 3?
Radagast Offline
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I saw some mention of a Synclavier 3 somewhere so I started digging around. I went to this site:

They’re indicating a big surprise January 24, 2019 in Anaheim CA, so obviously it’s at NAMM. I know it will be more expensive than anything else we are discussing here, but I’m still curious about what they’re cooking up.

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#2952850 - 10/13/18 09:24 AM Re: Synclavier 3? [Re: Radagast]
Mighty Motif Max Offline
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shocked That'd be interesting for sure if it's hardware.
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#2952857 - 10/13/18 11:25 AM Re: Synclavier 3? [Re: Mighty Motif Max]
Dave Bryce Administrator Offline
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I saw that Arturia upped the game for their soft version.

Saw this in the AES sub-forum at Gearslutz yesterday:

Arturia releases Synclavier V2, introduce resynthesis and sampling

Originally released in 2016 as part of V Collection 5, Synclavier V gave a whole new generation of musicians access to the ground breaking sound and features of the revolutionary late-70s digital synth. Developed in partnership with the original instrument’s inventor, Cameron Jones, Synclavier V went above and beyond the capabilities of the hardware produced between the late 70s and early 90s.

However, New England Digital also produced many optional add-ons for the Synclavier, such as a sample playback module and a resynthesis engine, that were not emulated in Arturia’s release of Synclavier V 2.

Today, that changes.

With the release of Synclavier V 2, alongside many other workflow enhancements and improvements, Arturia and Cameron Jones are proud to announce that Synclavier now includes sampling capabilities and an exciting resynthesis engine for musicians, producers, and sound designers to explore.

Synclavier V 2 is available as a free upgrade to all owners of Synclavier V, or Arturia’s V Collection 5 and V Collection 6.

A vintage sampler
Load in samples by simply dragging and dropping, and play them back with vintage digital grain and pitch scaling. Samples of up to 30 seconds can be imported and processed using Synclavier V’s effects and routing, perfect for creating retro sampled keys and pitched-down pads.

Resynthesis reinvented
Once a sample is loaded, with the touch of a button Synclavier V can now analyze the spectral content of the sample and - using a mixture of wavetable and FM synthesis - mimic the sound using resynthesis. Key points in the sample can be identified and manipulated manually to refine the synth patch, and then every parameter can be controlled using Synclavier V’s hugely powerful synth engine. Create entire instruments from just one sample!

New old sounds
Arturia’s sound design team have been busy creating hundreds of new presets for you to enjoy in Synclavier V, showing off some of the key new features to get you inspired. On top of that, the updated version includes a selection of the original New England Digital sample library files for that authentic touch.

Refining a legend
Following feature requests and feedback from Synclavier V owners, Arturia’s software developers have also integrated many subtle improvements to the interface and operation of the instrument. These include:

• New resynthesis engine with up to 100 analysis points
• Sample playback mode
• Timeline improvements, including doubling frames from 50 to 100; added global frame speed offset; a new frame tuning parameter; new loop mode; frames can now be synced to host BPM grid; the ability to move only one frame on the timeline by Shift + Drag; and refined Solo/Copy/Paste/Delete timeline workflow.
• Modulation tab improvements, including the addition of Vibrato and Stereo LFO; and Amp and Harmonic envelopes added as modulation sources.
• Keyboard dynamics improvements
• Ability to choose Keyboard, Velocity or Mod Wheel as input sources
• New copy/paste modes: only one selected tab or all tabs
• Cosmetics improvements, including LFOs in screen view, envelopes global offsets, tabs order, merge FX and setting pages, timeline real time feedback, ruler auto-zoom, envelopes and timeline bound scroll.
• New opening mode for hardware upper panel
• Harmonic phase histograms are now displayed in degrees (-179°/+180°)
• Additional template presets with a HQ Simple Sine
• Presets revamped with volume leveling and assignation of mod wheel and sustain pedal
• All former settings page parameters are now stored in presets


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#2952897 - 10/13/18 05:19 PM Re: Synclavier 3? [Re: Dave Bryce]
Mark Schmieder Offline
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I was confused yesterday when I did the free upgrade, so did it again, and kept searching their site for a coupon to apply in order to receive V2. Then I opened V1 on my desktop and it identifies as V2. So I guess with this update, Arturia is finally moving away from renaming the standalone and plug-in file names when they rev the product.

I haven't checked yet to see if they fixed the broken preset issue that lost all personal presets and third-party purchases and free downloads back in March/April. I haven't been able to justify 10+ hours to try to sort that out and was hoping they'd fix it, and in such a way that it pulls them back in (I have no idea where they are if they weren't erased by the previous update, so will have to use Time Machine).

Hopefully I can play around with the Synclavier update later tonight, on its own terms, if I can't re-find my personal presets as a starting point.
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