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#2951199 - 10/03/18 09:02 AM Dweezil and Kaki
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Here's something I never imagined happening:

Best to all--

Dave King
Kaki's dad

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#2951216 - 10/03/18 09:47 AM Re: Dweezil and Kaki [Re: popcritic]
Darklava Offline
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Cool congrats she has come a long way
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#2951218 - 10/03/18 09:53 AM Re: Dweezil and Kaki [Re: Darklava]
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Great interview Pops! Very cool and informative. I like the way she credits you for playing those records that helped inspire her. Glad she went from drums to guitar and it looks like back again. Reminds me of Tommy Emmanuel when he injects his drum rhythms into his live performances. Her staying with it through thick and thin was very true...she's a great addition to the Guitar masters' world IMHO. Thanks! twothumbs
Take care, Larryz

#2951228 - 10/03/18 10:34 AM Re: Dweezil and Kaki [Re: popcritic]
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Niiiiiiiiiice... cool
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#2951232 - 10/03/18 10:45 AM Re: Dweezil and Kaki [Re: Larryz]
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#%@*¥§€~!!! (Pardon my French.)

In-freaking-credible interview. Love the insights.

And dammit- she should do a duets album with Dweezil.
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#2951233 - 10/03/18 10:46 AM Re: Dweezil and Kaki [Re: Caevan O'Shite]
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Nicely done.
If it sounds good, it is good !!
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#2951329 - 10/04/18 02:02 AM Re: Dweezil and Kaki [Re: popcritic]
skipclone 1 Offline
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Really liked that-the questions are also so much better when it`s from someone who knows music! heartfelt and informative, thanks so much for posting!
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#2951725 - 10/06/18 09:58 AM Re: Dweezil and Kaki [Re: skipclone 1]
d Offline
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W/all due respect to Dweezil's efforts to keep his dad's music in play, it is good to hear him being in the here & now. thu

Oh---& yer kid's cool, too ! grin

#2951737 - 10/06/18 11:32 AM Re: Dweezil and Kaki [Re: d]
bbqbob Offline
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Great video! She is an incredible innovative talent and Dweezil is not slouch himself.

#2951778 - 10/06/18 06:06 PM Re: Dweezil and Kaki [Re: bbqbob]
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