TLDR: Selling to upgrade. 900 (+100 for DB-1)

*Couple of light cosmetic scuffs on corner wooden side panels (comment and I can PM you pics)
*Middle D hits highest velocity easier than other notes. Probably a bit of dust trapped in key contact; I wasn't able to fix it without compressed air, maybe some of you may have a better time with it.

DB-1 drawbars will be sold with the Nord for 100, or seperately (only once the Nord has been sold) for 150.

Probably patronising writing it all here, but here's the spiel I wrote on a public gear selling page:


Nord Electro 4 SW73

The best keyboard I've ever owned and my all time favourite, most gigged with instrument. Finally decided it's time to upgrade and shrink the number of keyboards I own. Love it so much, will be sad to see it go.

The Nord Electro 4 is a mono-timbral (meaning it can play one sound at a time) 73 key semi-weighted (organ feeling) keyboard. It specialises in replicating electro-mechanical instruments (pianos, organs, etc). It can play a huge variety of synth samples but has no real "synth" engine in it.

Same great acoustic pianos, electric pianos, clavinets and organs as found in all of the newer Nord models. The same great sounds heard in records and on stages all over the world. Features the world's best hardware pianos and organs in one compact package [NOTE TO KEYBOARD CORNER BRETHERN: Don't hurt me for this!]

Full access to the renowned Nord Piano Library
Latest and greatest Nord Organ Engine + rotary emulation
Full access to Nord Sample Library
Create your own samples with the Nord Sample Editor
Multiple high quality built in stomp-box style effects (see picture)

PLEASE READ: Average resale value for this keyboard is 1100. I'm selling for 900 for 2 reasons:

*Couple of small cosmetic scuffs and dings (pictured) as a result of regular gigging.
*The middle D note must have some dust in its key contact, meaning it's slightly more sensitive than the other keys. This doesn't matter if all you're playing is organ (organ isn't velocity sensitive) but if you're playing piano parts on it that one note will trigger at a louder velocity slightly easier than the other keys. Perfectly playable, as I've been gigging with it like that for over a year. If you have a tin of compressed air and are handy at taking things apart this should an easy fix. There are guides online on how to do this.

OPTIONAL EXTRA: will also throw in a set of the rare and now discontinued Ocean Beach Digital Drawbars (pictured) for 100 (resell value: 200) which connects via MIDI and gives a more authentic organ experience. Otherwise will sell individually for 150.

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