I think maybe the mag's on an uptick.
The artist profiles, while not as extensive in The Golden Age are getting a bit longer. Several in this issue are 4~7 pages.
There's also a focal interconnectivity that seems developing.

The "new" Joe Bonnamassa, Joe Satriani, Sharon Isbin, Rich Robinson, Zach Myers (Shinedown) & the cats from Lambs O'God all get the multi-page treatment.
Short profiles of Marcus King, Laura Chavez, the Ramones (yeah, them) & St Vincent (Annie Clark).

Historic overview of Fender Blackface; updates on Mesa & Marshall amps; FX from Line 6, Demeter, EarthQuake; Monty PUps.
A couple high-end gtr reviews (Teye & Soultool) + an oddball Russian gtr from the 1980s.
Of particular interest are some details abt Soultool, which uses a "zoned" idea of graduated fret sizes.

Even more interesting is the info in a rundown of Graph Tech's multi-ratio tuning heads & the effect of string-core size (rather than overall string size) on tuning.

Craig Anderton updates us on digital reverb programming.

Two very extensive musical analyses examine the harmonic approaches & chord stylings of Todd Rundgren & Alexis Lifeson.