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#2937352 - 07/11/18 10:35 AM Re: Stevie Nicks "Rhiannon" live in Chicago - piano intro [Re: Outkaster]
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I love the way she comes up and puts her hands on his shoulders... love

KC Island
#2937407 - 07/11/18 03:32 PM Re: Stevie Nicks "Rhiannon" live in Chicago - piano intro [Re: Joe P]
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I had a similar experience several years ago when I was in a Heart tribute band. Although I was pleasantly surprised to find more keyboard parts than I expected, the keys were mostly in a support role, so I wanted to maximize the few “spotlight” moments I had. Like the “real” Heart we covered “Love Reign O’er Me” by The Who, which featured a piano intro. While not as complex as the intro in Rich’s post, I had some fun copying, and then embellishing, on what Heart’s keyboard player Debbie Shair was doing.

We often opened our show with this tune, featuring a nice intro, as well.

So cool to have so much live footage available these days, very helpful for tribute bands.

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#2937430 - 07/11/18 06:40 PM Re: Stevie Nicks "Rhiannon" live in Chicago - piano intro [Re: Moonglow]
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Quick update, not that anyone's losing any sleep over it but tonight I listened to that piano piece over and over all the way home from work and now have been working on it at home for about two hours and I'm proud to say I have it pretty close, I'd say 80 percent down and I'm confident I'll have it sounding good by our rehearsal next Wednesday. Like almost all of these types of parts and solos, with repeated listening and patient analysis by ear and practice, it turns out to be not nearly as hard as it sounds when you first listen to it. I seldom do this but at some future point I might be tempted to make a little home video or maybe I'll get a good one from one of the upcoming shows with the new band, and share it here just to show you guys how I did with your encouragement. ("Love Reign O'er Me," yes, was a great one I got to learn and play with a band a few times last year, found a transcription to the piano on line and did a good job on that if I say so myself. Locomotive Breath I could never conquer but I've bookmarked the video lesson and sheet music that were posted here for it today, for next time it ever comes up!)
Rich Forman
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