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#2935537 - 07/01/18 09:59 AM Re: Guitarist Preference [Re: desertbluesman]
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I liked him because he played fast. I was in 5th grade. In 1970 I was 6 years old. grin

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#2935547 - 07/01/18 11:26 AM Re: Guitarist Preference [Re: CEB]
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Originally Posted By: CEB
I liked him because he played fast. I was in 5th grade. In 1970 I was 6 years old. grin

When I was 6 (1942) the fastest guitar player I knew was Gene Autry


#2935627 - 07/01/18 07:25 PM Re: Guitarist Preference [Re: DocPate]
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When I was 6 (1956) the fastest guitar player I knew was Scotty Moore...and I didn't even know his name LOL! I too remember Gene Autry and Roy Rogers as a couple of those singing cowboys in the old movies. They could play those acoustics and sing us a song while riding a horse...and they were pretty darn good too! Roy was part of and had the backing of the Sons of the Pioneers with Dale Evans singing harmony, so he had a little advantage over Gene LOL! snax

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#2935650 - 07/01/18 09:37 PM Re: Guitarist Preference [Re: Larryz]
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When I was 6 I wasn't really paying attention to music. When Woodstock came out (the only time I heard Alvin Lee & Ten Years After) I was 17 & people like Clapton & Hendrix were saying something far more meaningful to me than mere speed.
Scott Fraser

#2935682 - 07/02/18 03:54 AM Re: Guitarist Preference [Re: Scott Fraser]
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Heh, when I was 6, I started becoming aware of guitar players like:

of course, even to a 6 year old kid in 1957 there weren't many(if any) who stuck out as "guitarists", as anybody who even STRUMMED a guitar was considered a "guitarist", wink

I'd first heard of Lee and Ten Years After when the drummer in the "basement band" I was in bought their self titled debut LP in '67. And not too long after just getting "hip" to Hendrix and Clapton. And too, not long before another buddy found the "Freak Out" LP by The Mothers Of Invention at some out of the way Downtown Detroit record shop. We all became instant Zappa fans then, even braving blizzard conditions to see the Mothers at Detroit's Ford Auditorium that December. Actually, I gave MY ticket to another friend as I came down with the flu. They told me there must have been about 40 people in the whole auditorium.

And I too, was already familiar with several blues guitarists by then. But, not the WHITE guy ones yet. wink

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#2935742 - 07/02/18 10:25 AM Re: Guitarist Preference [Re: Scott Fraser]
d Offline
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Originally Posted By: Scott Fraser
Gotta say I never saw the point of Alvin Lee. His playing was fast, sloppy & meant nothing to me, had no emotional depth for me, nor even cerebral cleverness. Just my opinion, though.

Fair enough---but chk this...

They took me down the grading station
And they classified me zed
'Cause of over population
They told me that I would soon be dead
But I slipped out of the force field
And hid beneath the monorail
But the automatic blood hounds
Lord, they're soon hot along my trail
Now if I had been a scholar
With computer working hard
Then my molecular structure
Would not be on the grader's card
So, I know that they will get me
Put my index in the brain

But, yeah, he could be heavy, here's a track that is a relentless juggernaut.......& may've idk been part of the source material for Hendrix's "Pali Gap".

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