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#2932467 - 06/12/18 04:14 PM Re: Need Your Thoughts - Band Drama/Dynamics/Pay [Re: MuzikTeechur]
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Having the PA regardless on size, and all the cables mic stands etc. is an expense. You are always buying something, fixing something, or replacing something. I own the PA for my Trio. I run sound from stage, but I do have an iPad I can walk out front and set levels. Pulling the trailer cost more and with the extra expenses above I take $50-$100 per show unless the money is low. In that case I take the tips. Last year I put $1,500 into the PA upgrading subs and QSC Mix 16 digital board. I did not make that back since I only use the trio to fill out my calendar. It should be discussed before hand is my thinking.

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#2932475 - 06/12/18 05:32 PM Re: Need Your Thoughts - Band Drama/Dynamics/Pay [Re: MuzikTeechur]
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There are 2 issues.

1 is the less-than-good sound when the BL runs sound from the stage, as well as his less-than-good PA gear. Please tell him that you want a sound guy with a good system that he knows how to set up and use and you're willing to pay for that.

2 is that he told you after the fact that he was taking a cut for providing less-than-good sound gear and running sound from the stage, He called you to talk about it, so that's a plus for him that partly balances off the negative. But please tell him that you need to know what the deal is beforehand, so the same problem doesn't happen again.

If you do 1 and 2, you should be ok and it will stop eating at you.

#2932484 - 06/12/18 06:44 PM Re: Need Your Thoughts - Band Drama/Dynamics/Pay [Re: El Lobo]
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I have been in a band where we paid more to the guys who owned the PA than to the other guys. At the time I really didn't think it was unfair.

It wasn't for "running" sound, it was because they had spent the coin to make us sound better and we we're OK with throwing a few $'s back. It wasn't like any of us were really making any money anyways.

However, I think in most bands this is considered a total foul.

As far as running sound from the stage...good luck. That never really works out and no one should get extra for that. Ever.

I literally just did that for the first time in a long time last weekend. Filmed out front from my phone and while it was OK, there were a couple things that a sound guy could have done a whole lot better. It is what it is though, sometimes you just don't have the coin or the people to make it work.
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#2932490 - 06/12/18 07:33 PM Re: Need Your Thoughts - Band Drama/Dynamics/Pay [Re: Iconoclast]
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Guy running sound is a guitar player. Red Flag #1.

Keyboard muted in monitors during songs. Red Flag #2.

These combined with running sound from stage is a recipe for disaster.

Personally, I am very skeptical of any guitar player running sound.

I supplied PA for the last band I was in. Sometimes our regular guy balancing the sound couldn't make it, so our substitute was a guitar player buddy of our guitar player. It slowly dawned on me that this substitute was out to make our guitar player dominant in the mix. Between breaks I found my keyboard channel fader on the board all the way down (the idiot even posted a picture of the board on FB showing exactly this). When I had a song where I didn't play anything, I would walk out front and find the guitar very loud in the mix - drowning out the vocals. I even found that the substitute had no concept of subgroup routing on the mixer and thinking it was stereo had put all the pan pots back to center, totally making the subgroup faders ineffective and screwing up the mix.

If the person running sound is a guitar player, I am very skeptical. If he favors the guitar at the expense of the group mix, IE drowning out the vocals, then he should NOT be running sound.

The venue owner telling you that the group was "too loud" should had been a great big clue.

Personally if I were in your shoes and had found my keyboard muted while a guitar player was running sound from the stage, that would had been my last gig with the band.

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