Came across this accidentally while lookin' fer more material to slander Cream. facepalm grin

Rory Gallagher (who rolleyes ?) rippin' it up for Jack Bruce.
If ya never knew abt this cat pull up a chair & dig how, while it appears from the walk to the stage he didn't know the song, he & JB had a well-planned treatment, uh, planned.
Funkified intro & verses [0:55~2:17]
Starting to soar [2:19] / note how his 1st line matches JB's vocal pitch
Solo sections [2:50~6:35] Make the gtr say,"C'mon, Baby!" / 2nd chorus, go all jazzy / 3rd & 4th, play some rhythmic games w/JB / 5th, 6th, etc, trade lines, then bring it back down together
Last verse & big finish [6:40~7:45]

Beside being John Lennon's fave player c.1969 he apparently impressed this cat...