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#2163575 - 02/11/10 06:50 AM Re: Stuff that changed your life [Re: DJdroppedIt]
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Being taught at a young age of my career about mixing on NS-10's at low volume. I carry the same pair (I own several to last me to when I'm too old to mix anymore) along with a Hafler amp to every session I go to. If I bring nothing else, I bring my trusty NS-10's.

#2165689 - 02/17/10 04:24 PM Re: Stuff that changed your life [Re: DJdroppedIt]
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A 4 track TEAC reel to reel purchased in the 70's. Multi tracking realized for a teenager!

#2206502 - 06/30/10 07:37 AM Re: Stuff that changed your life [Re: Roscoe East]
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Originally Posted By: Roscoe East
Multitrack, period, changed my life.

Yeah. In high school, a mutual acquaintance loaned to my friend and me a four-track that his uncle wasn't using (I think it was a Tascam, but I can't remember). That changed it all for both of us; suddenly it didn't matter that our "band" had only two people in it. We made endless recordings on that, a Marantz four-track that we eventually bought, a Tascam 388 (we felt like total badass pros with eight channels of reel-to-reel tape; I even asked my family for Ampex tape for Christmas one year), and eventually several members of the Cakewalk series of multi-tracking software.

He went on to get an audio engineering degree; I studied Math and wrote my thesis on digital audio compression. I don't think either of us would still be into music if it weren't for fortuitously stumbling across recording equipment when we were still young and had copious amounts of free time.

#2211825 - 07/15/10 09:13 PM Re: Stuff that changed your life [Re: d2718]
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When I figured out, after attempting and failing to properly mix a session on monitors that were available on-site several times on one gig, that whatever speakers you are most intimately familiar with are the ones you will mix best on. I took the session back to my studio, with my trusty old JBLs, and one-offed a beast that everyone was thrilled with.

It's a damned shame, those JBLs died horribly in a flood I had in my basement back in November last year.

#2269430 - 02/01/11 04:11 PM Re: Stuff that changed your life [Re: DJdroppedIt]
soundbeing Offline
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learning how to use compression. in my early years of recording my ears weren't sensitive enough to hear the difference between each tweak of the knobs. i had some presets that i would go to and that was it. but as i learned about threshold, attack, release, etc. my ears began to hear those tweaks bringing life or death to a track. its amazing what you can do with a good compressor and the know how to use it.
golden ears

#2281010 - 03/09/11 01:26 AM Re: Stuff that changed your life [Re: ghaines]
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Hi Everyone! My name is clive and I'm new here.

#2614131 - 07/25/14 03:14 AM Re: Stuff that changed your life [Re: egolftrolleys]
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For me it was not equipment itself, but the subjective scientific testing of equipment that changed how I think about equipment.
Key things are:
-Test 1 thing only.
-Test using only ears.
It takes a bit of effort, but saves lots of money.

One other very important thing I learned is to dismiss small differences. They don't matter, so focus on thing that do make a big difference.

Do you have bad gas?

#2661181 - 02/01/15 08:22 PM Re: Stuff that changed your life [Re: ghaines]
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#2923751 - 04/27/18 03:56 PM Re: Stuff that changed your life [Re: DJdroppedIt]
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--accidental post sry

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if you can't tell the difference, does it matter?

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