I have 2 Roland XV-3080's I would like to sell with a whole bunch of JV sound cards if anyone is interested ...both in very good condition!

Left my 80's project about 2 months ago. .
Was about to try to graft one of the 3080's into my rig. The other was for the rehearsal space. The project was just to much work for me on the gig and in rehearsals, just to many rehearsals with my day job, and much to much gear for a Friday night after work for me. No bands on that level for me until I retire and even then it may be to much . . .back to jazz and blues for this boy. I really wasn't digging the music to boot to be honest, old friends or not . . .I had a good time while it lasted though and reconnected with old buddies! Got me back into Synths . .

If interested please PM me for details. I will be updating this thread with all the specifics soon.

I may hold on to my Blofeld tabletop unit....it's just so unusual in a good way. But if interested please inquire or make me an offer ....

Both 3080 units are in very good condition, one is a little better... almost excellent condition. Both are fully functional as is their hardware and screens.

The Blofeld is basically in NEW condition with power supply, manual etc... I believe I have the packing also!

No luck here they are going up on Ebay or Reverb in a while...

Peace Through Music,

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