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#2921266 - 04/13/18 12:12 PM Mounting panels away from wall...
Aaron Trumm, NQuit Offline
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Hi all! do we still do this forum? @ethan winer?

I have a client who has simple 4 inch fiberglass panels mounted directly to a wall. For better absorption, he'd like to try mounting them 4 inches away from the wall.

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about how to do that in a pretty and easy way...

I did it in my place once with 2 inch panels by using 2x4's cut into 2 inch squares as spacers. But with a four inch panel, that's pretty awkward (would need 4 inch thick wood, about a six inch screw to go through the panel, etc... AND it was ugly -

any ideas? smile

Aaron Trumm

#2946219 - 09/02/18 04:35 AM Re: Mounting panels away from wall... [Re: Aaron Trumm, NQuit]
DeanM459 Offline

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I found this demonstration showing how to mount panels spaced off the wall (or door) using 4" metal post base brackets, on the Real Traps site:

I was able to find the brackets in local hardware stores by searching for "post anchor".

Your panel would need some kind of cross-braces on the backs, to give it a lip/ledge to hang against the post base.

Another way I've seen Ethan spacing panels is by using a spacer behind them (similar to what it sounds like you've done), but then, instead of attaching the panel with screws through the spacer, he used picture frame wire to attach the top of the panel to the wall, letting it hang such that its own weight holds it against the spacer, and holds the spacer in place against the wall. Then he secured the bottom of the panel with additional wires. This method is quick and dirty, but not as rigid.

Hope this is helpful,


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