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#2921198 - 04/13/18 07:27 AM Recycling guitars
Sharkman Offline
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Back around 1977, some guy at school gave my friend Bob an electric guitar in hopes that Bob would learn how to play it, then they could form a band and become rock stars. That plan fell apart, like most of them do, and several years later, Bob gave me that guitar after I started learning how to play. About eight years or so later, my friend George was interested in learning how to play, so I gave him the guitar. George never did learn how to play, and I sometimes wonder what he did with that guitar. I hope he passed it on to another aspiring guitarist.

Anyways, I was wondering, do any of you have a similar story of some guitar that was passed along from one friend to another? This could bring up some interesting stories.
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#2921210 - 04/13/18 08:02 AM Re: Recycling guitars [Re: Sharkman]
Larryz Offline
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Told these stories before, but my uncles passed down their old guitars to me when I showed an interest in playing. I played that 1st acoustic with two of my 7th grade buddies in front of our history class. We thought we were going to grow up to be like The Beatles but that plan never happened LOL! Later in High School I was in a band and had graduated to my 1st pawn shop guitar. This was all happening around '61 and up through '69. Later in life my deceased Brother's son was visiting us somewhere around 2015. I gave him an American Deluxe Stratocaster after reflecting back on my two uncles giving me their guitars. My dad just dropped his jaw and fell out of his chair when I did that LOL! cool

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#2921213 - 04/13/18 08:11 AM Re: Recycling guitars [Re: Sharkman]
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Back in my band days in N.Y., I made reasonably frequent visits to Woodstock. We played at the community center (the review said we were too loud). My dad had a fresh fish store-I personally took a not-so-subtle threatening phone call from the local monopoly-so much for that idea. On one visit, we jammed with a drum circle. They gave me a Strat-the body was clear laquer, the color was similar to korina. It played beautifully. I knew we were in Mr. Hendrix`s former apartment, but I was way surprised to find out that the body had been transplanted from one of his guitars.

Not exactly on topic but, my brother had a little acoustic-the sound was not great but it was always in pitch and easy to play. My brother dismissed it as `barely a guitar`. I took it to a master class with Larry Coryell, because it was the only acoustic I had at the time. Well Larry talked about music for a while, discussed some concepts-I still remember what he said about my playing. He asked us to get up on the small stage and play in pairs, switching between comping and soloing. I said, well no way am I getting up there with this guitar. They arranged a loaner for me and while I was up there, he was noodling around on my little acoustic. After I came back, he was still noodling-he played a sweet sounding progression and said, John McLaughlin showed me that one. He handed it back to me and said, that little thing`s not bad!
I still have the little acoustic-neither my brother nor I are playing it. I should really donate it or something but, every time I think about it I think, Larry Coryell played this guitar. Whoever it ends up with, will probably not appreciate that.
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#2921234 - 04/13/18 09:14 AM Re: Recycling guitars [Re: skipclone 1]
Dannyalcatraz Offline
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I never had a permanent loaner, but I did borrow guitars from my Mom and a friend of mine- and a bass from a roomie- before I started buying my own.

And while I havenít given anything away, I have loaned out an axe or two- and a bass- over the years.

Since I donít have any descendants, Iím thinking hard about charitable donations of my gear for when I pass away. I havenít decided whether to create some kind of trust to loan stuff out to selected students, donations to schools outright, or just auctioning them off for a charity like Guitars4Vets.
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#2921239 - 04/13/18 09:45 AM Re: Recycling guitars [Re: Dannyalcatraz]
Winston Psmith Offline
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I mentioned in the "First Guitar" thread how I'd passed down my very first Guitar to my niece.

My first 'real' Guitar came from my High School American History teacher, who also played Bluegrass Guitar. It was a Favilla, not much seen outside of New York, came from a small luthier out in Long Island. Eventually traded it in on something?

I've tried to pass along other gear, when I can: if I'm not using it, it should go to somebody who will.
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#2921282 - 04/13/18 01:13 PM Re: Recycling guitars [Re: Winston Psmith]
desertbluesman Offline
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I bought my own first guitar, I was already a journeyman union bricklayer when I started playing, so the costs of the instruments was incidental. I gave most of the ones I did not like to my oldest kiddo, and he passed them along, either selling, or donating them as time went by. I sold a few for nominal sums to some of my kiddo's friends also and usually gave them beginners lessons also.

I know my kiddo still has several of my old guitars as keepsakes which I have asked him to pass on to my blood related grandkiddies if they want them at the end of his lifetime, or when he loses interest in having them.
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#2921301 - 04/13/18 02:47 PM Re: Recycling guitars [Re: desertbluesman]
p90jr Offline
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People used to give me Teiscos and the like... they'd find them in the attic or storage room or garage, and pass them on when nobody wanted them. I had a pile of them in the corner in college... when someone said they wanted to learn to play I'd grab one, tune it and show them how to play E, A, and D and let them have it. I still have two of them left... A little Teisco Silvertone and big Kawaii that's kind of Mosrite-like.

#2921502 - 04/15/18 04:27 AM Re: Recycling guitars [Re: p90jr]
whitefang Offline
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Nothing interesting or NOT interesting was ever "passed along" my way, except maybe the old clarinet my uncle used to play in those '40's "big bands" he was in and that my brother used to take lessons with. I only used it as a photographic prop.

Now, when I was a kid, there WAS some old blond archtop( as I recall) guitar that was kept in the attic. I don't recall WHAT make it was, and not much more about it except that the back of the body was held in place by what looked like a whole roll of MASKING TAPE. And that it had only three strings. It was long enough ago that I remember it also being WAY too big for me to even "PRETEND" play it, and I think my Mom just wound up pitching it one day. HAD to be about '59 or '60 since I last saw it.

There was also an old BANJO body with two strings up there for some reason.
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