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#2979522 - 03/09/19 09:52 PM Re: What is your piano situation [Re: guitpic1]
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Originally Posted By: guitpic1
Originally Posted By: Michael W
I sold my Yamaha U3 yesterday - I bought it new 17 years ago.

My wife and I have sold our big ol' house and are doing the downsizing thing.

I honestly won't miss it as I thoroughly enjoy playing my Montage.

You won't miss the feel of hammered action?

I finally have a real Hammond. The better weighted DP hammer actions are so much closer to AP, than any synth is to the Hammond. Hammond keys are super sensitive front to back, springs very light, but quick. Plastic is fantastic. I'm surprised nobody has bothered to make a great synth keybed like that yet, since we are all action obssesed, or at least action aware. To do it right, I think you need a long reach to the hinge like the hammond. But that could happen under faders and dials, so why not?

Once my thumb is up on the blacks I find the synths or TP/9 etc, so stiff for the rest of my fingers. TP/9 would be so much better with 20% softer springs. frown

But my old TP/30 hammer action is not far off my upright. It's heavier LOL.
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#2979524 - 03/09/19 10:41 PM Re: What is your piano situation [Re: uhoh7]
Lady Gaia Offline
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There are a few oddball keyboard lengths out there. The Pro 2 at 44 keys picks one of the less common spans, which is perfectly fine for it as a mono/paraphonic instrument. Personally, I find anything less than 61 pretty claustrophobic for two-handed playing.
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#2979616 - 03/10/19 06:43 PM Re: What is your piano situation [Re: guitpic1]
Michael W Offline
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Originally Posted By: guitpic1
Originally Posted By: Michael W
I sold my Yamaha U3 yesterday - I bought it new 17 years ago.

My wife and I have sold our big ol' house and are doing the downsizing thing.

I honestly won't miss it as I thoroughly enjoy playing my Montage.

You won't miss the feel of hammered action?

Not really.

We plan to be somewhat mobile geographically in the coming years, and I just cannot be hauling an upright piano around with me wherever I go.

Besides, I've got peripheral neuropathy, but that's another story altogether.
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#2979638 - 03/11/19 01:39 AM Re: What is your piano situation [Re: Michael W]
Losendoskeys Offline
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As usual interesting comments on here varying from acoustic snobbery to reality.
As a tribute band member I have had the same comments about my bands music vs the original band - "you're just a tribute" - but the majority of people say we sound "better than the original".
Thats not a boast, it's the simple laws that sound reproduction got better since 1970. Genesis sound then was not great.

The same applies to pianos.
I bought the Roland V-Grand in a HALF PRICE sale.
It is built like a baby grand and looks fantastic in our living room.
How does it sound and play?
It is fantastic, is fully adjustable like no acoustic can be and never goes out of tune.
I'm certain it is better than many strung pianos I have played because the sound and keyboard feel is so adjustable.
Once an acoustic is built you can't change it if you don't like the sound.
I'm sure the nay-sayers will be all over this post like a rash.... laugh

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#2979881 - 03/12/19 04:39 PM Re: What is your piano situation [Re: Losendoskeys]
David Emm Offline
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Very interesting thread for me, as a dyed-in-the-wool piano adherent... sort of. As a kid, I started on a left-field Shoninger console with a larger-than-typical string compliment whose connecting 'elbows' were made of an early plastic that crumbled over time and killed the instrument. I loved that thing and the loss was crushing at the time. NOTHING captures you like an acoustic anything, really (Hammonds respected, of course), because that physical engagement often includes an abstract, spiritual component you can't get any other way.

I had my first experience with a Baldwin baby grand at my high school. I really got to enjoy the sheer power of a piano in a decent hall. I've rarely had both the space and the money appear together, so its been an increasing stream of improving electronic tools at my house. I've had the chance to seriously dig into a real Steinway (too dark for me), a Bosendorfer Imperial Grand (way above my skill set, let's be honest), several quality Yamahas (the sweet spot) and an unexpected Kawai of merit. I understand. Almost everything I do starts from a pianistic angle.

Then there was the time I was selling gear in a store and passed the first Roland RD-1000 we received into the hands of a pro who was ecstatic over it. We discussed the pros and cons of electronic vs. acoustic. His verdict won't be new to you. He said "I'll have to adapt to the new keyboard, but not much. More importantly, its sound is 95% of the way there. It'll keep me in practice and not annoy the neighbors. Sold!"

The Roland FP-3 and one of Yamaha's comparable early digitals impressed me. Both are much more advanced now. These days, its hard to find a really bad piano once you step outside the toys they sell at F-Mart. Engaging Casio's Privia line has been a continuing pleasure. I recently gave a friend's Pianoteq set a test run via Privia and was much impressed with both. Its amazing how many manufacturers try their hands at piano emulation and come up with great sounds involving very different approaches, even while rotating around a highly subjective ideal.

Nerve damage has f**ked my hands beyond the piano playing level. Fully weighted keys would be wasted on me now. Wanna try playing Rachmaninoff on an XKey? Bet you don't! I won't waste money on a flagship I can't fully play, so I'm approaching the time when a better piano option will be called for sound-wise. (Hello, Modartt). I'm sure you'd be horrified to watch me use my limited piano technique on an XKey or Korg TR61, but I've adapted. You know why it works? Because I can still recall how it felt to lay into that Baldwin in high school. I'm amazed that this tattered brain retains such mental muscle memory, but when you can hold on to part of your joy, its a firm hand to hold in the darkness. like
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#2979929 - 03/13/19 05:59 AM Re: What is your piano situation [Re: BluesKeys]
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#2979954 - 03/13/19 10:34 AM Re: What is your piano situation [Re: Rusty Mike]
Daniel George Offline

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I am going slow in learning but surely I am making progress every week. I am following these piano lessons (a friend recommended me these lessons) and currently I am on book 3. Hopefully, If I get more time daily I will spend more time in my learning. Can't wait to play songs i like on my piano.

#2980097 - 03/14/19 10:03 AM Re: What is your piano situation [Re: BluesKeys]
allthekeys59 Offline
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5'-2" P.A.STARCK baby grand from the 30s I think . no one ever played it ,still tight

#2980107 - 03/14/19 11:17 AM Re: What is your piano situation [Re: DOhm]
cedar Offline
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I recounted my search for a grand piano at this forum several months ago.

Ended up with this rebuilt 1907 Mason and Hamlin:


Before this, I had a Story and Clark baby grand.
Before that, a Yamaaha upright.

Except for when I was in college, I've always been able to have an acoustic piano at home.

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