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#2914120 - 03/10/18 10:54 AM “Supper’s Ready” illustrated
Mark Zeger Offline
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Has anyone seen this?

KC Island
#2914146 - 03/10/18 01:35 PM Re: “Supper’s Ready” illustrated [Re: Mark Zeger]
Phil B Offline
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Wow. I hadn’t seen that. Very cool. A lot of work went into that!! I never could figure out what Peter Gabriel was talking about with those lyrics ... watching this got me thinking that neither did Peter Gabriel!! Still one of my favorite songs though and still impressed with the artwork in this. Thanks!

#2914168 - 03/10/18 04:35 PM Re: “Supper’s Ready” illustrated [Re: Phil B]
dje31 Offline
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I found that about six months ago...and not entirely sure it's what PG had in his head...interesting nonetheless, but then again, who the hell knows what's in PG's head back then? Or now, for that matter.

And I say all of this as a PG and Genesis fan, for full disclosure...

P.P.S: Kudos to the time and effort of whomever put this non-sanctioned video together.

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#2914171 - 03/10/18 04:42 PM Re: “Supper’s Ready” illustrated [Re: Phil B]
PianoMan51 Offline
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I have the feeling that Peter Gabriel's meaning was far far further out.

#2914210 - 03/10/18 09:31 PM Re: “Supper’s Ready” illustrated [Re: PianoMan51]
Marzzz Offline
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Originally Posted By: PianoMan51
I have the feeling that Peter Gabriel's meaning was far far further out.
And then he wrote "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway..."

#2914280 - 03/11/18 10:06 AM Re: “Supper’s Ready” illustrated [Re: Marzzz]
Ulf Offline
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I listened A LOT to the old Genesis albums in the early 80's, but I really never bothered with the lyrics. Trying to grasp the music was enough for me at that time.

Cool video!
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#2914365 - 03/11/18 07:34 PM Re: “Supper’s Ready” illustrated [Re: Ulf]
Werno Offline
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If you liked that you might enjoy this guy's work as well-

#2914369 - 03/11/18 08:06 PM Re: “Supper’s Ready” illustrated [Re: Werno]
Griswold Offline
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Thanks for turning me on to this.
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#2914584 - 03/12/18 07:59 PM Re: “Supper’s Ready” illustrated [Re: Griswold]
mcgoo Offline
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On a slightly related note, I just saw Musical Box (Genesis tribute band specializing in an insanely accurate reproduction of Gabriel era Genesis). OMG, Holy Sh*t and WOW don't begin to cover the experience. They did my 3 favorite Genesis songs (Musical Box, Watcher of the Skies and Supper's Ready). I'd seen Genesis 3 times and I've never seen them perform those pieces, so this was a treat.

Carry on... laugh
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#2914589 - 03/12/18 08:49 PM Re: “Supper’s Ready” illustrated [Re: mcgoo]
stillearning Offline
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Old Genesis fan here, and I’ve seen them going back to the early 70’s. Huge Gabriel fan. Agree with others on his lyrics, not exactly sure of the meaning sometimes, but they blend wonderfully with the music, sound very poetic, and even if their meaning is sometimes obscure beyond comprehension, I still prefer them to much of today’s current pablum. And yeah, seen Musical Box. Musically they nail it. They don’t capture Gabriel’s voice, but then again, neither does Collins. I’ve played in a few Genesis tributes, and never had a singer capture that voice.
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#2914605 - 03/13/18 02:33 AM Re: “Supper’s Ready” illustrated [Re: stillearning]
Losendoskeys Offline
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DISCLAIMER: I play in a Genesis tribute band called Los Endos. wink

I've seen Musical Box twice - the first time I was blown away with their accurate portrayal of a Genesis gig to the nth degree - in that case Selling England by the Pound which I saw Genesis do in the 70's.

The second time was Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - and while it was impressive I started to see the cracks.
The music lacks a little "feel" due to the scripted nature of the show. There were definitely behind the scenes instruments played.
I started to dislike the French accent of the vocalist.
Don't get me wrong, everyone should see them at least once to trip back in time.

I can only say that despite not delivering costumes and the associated scenery I hope our "amateur" portrayal is a more accurate live event.
(Our Suppers Ready is in the "show us your stuff" section)
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