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#2913432 - 03/06/18 11:40 PM Realized why I am not having fun
EddiePlaysBass Offline
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The new bass is great. The new band is tons of fun. Yet when I am at home practising, I get demotivated and lose interest (and focus) quickly.

Yesterday I realized why this is. I am working on new stuff. Both Ed Friedland's "Pentatonic scales" book and the excellent "Walking Jazz Lines For Bass" book by Jay Hungerford.

New stuff. Out of my comfort zone. Especially the jazz stuff has got me facing chord changes I am unfamiliar with (having spent the majority of the last 8 years playing blues and rockabilly, in straight I-IV-V schemes).

Now that I know, what to do? Plough through it smile This is a temporary plateau, and I just need to accept that things will go slowly for a while. I will come out a much better player, I am sure. And the fun will return smile

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#2913435 - 03/07/18 01:52 AM Re: Realized why I am not having fun [Re: EddiePlaysBass]
Seamy ALB Offline
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This sounds familiar David, I find it nearly impossible to learn stuff that I'm not going to play in a band. I will take a rush tune or Metallica song or something with a cool bass part and think I'd like to be able to play that sit down for 20 minutes with it and feel I'm not going to play it anywhere and then stop.

I approach playing Bass like a sport I find that I have a certain amount of work to do just to be able to stay at the level at which I like to able to play. My advice would be do what is fun and take the new things/concepts in wee chunks that you can apply.

Keep it fun!!

#2913528 - 03/07/18 09:48 AM Re: Realized why I am not having fun [Re: Seamy ALB]
Danzilla Offline
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I agree with Seamy, in that learning "theory" and conceptual techniques can be different and perhaps more boring than learning a song. It's a matter of the application and context. Not having those books you're using, do they have sound samples for playing along, or is it mostly just reading & self-playing? Having something to learn by ear and play along with rather than just reading, might make it more interesting. Or if it has those already, finding full songs that put those lessons to use might be more up your alley.
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#2913569 - 03/07/18 01:04 PM Re: Realized why I am not having fun [Re: Danzilla]
Basshappi Offline
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Try adapting what you are learning to the style that you enjoy playing.
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#2913978 - 03/09/18 12:35 PM Re: Realized why I am not having fun [Re: Basshappi]
Paul K Offline
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Play your new lessons things with Band-in-a-Box or similar. You'll have more fun and quicken the learning curve.
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