Edirol UM-550. You can look up details on web, but basically this is:

- a USB-MIDI interface for computer


- a stand-alone 5x5 MIDI patcher that can be used without a computer (i.e. dedicated buttons for creating patching configuration and recalling configurations later.)

This has been a very reliable item and I wouldn't part with it except that I'm on Win10 now and there are no Roland Win10 drivers. Some people have gotten it to work with Win8 driver. There is also a compatibility mode which doesn't require Roland custom driver on PC.

Last MAC driver published was for OSX 10.9 Mavericks. I'm not a MAC guy so no idea what that means for someone on a newer release.

This is also ideal for folks who have a bunch of MIDI DIN based equipment and want to connect anything to anything WITHOUT a computer.

$120 shipped to lower 48. I can do paypal or we can work something out.

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