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#2904137 - 01/23/18 06:23 AM OT: Headphones/gear for Skype meetings
eric Offline
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Sorry to put this on here, but I really trust the opinions of this forum!

My work life is becoming more and more dominated by frequent Skype video conference calls, multiple times a day. I have a geographically dispersed team and we do a ton of virtual meetings.

When I can, I love using modern video rooms we have at the office, but I'm still finding myself on my laptop using my Apple ear buds to hear and speak. This is ok occasionally, but starting to get old. When I listen to music, I like to use my Ultimate Ears IEMs, but those are not enabled for voice.

I see a lot of people starting to use various Bose and other similar headphones that have voice capability, but I'm not sure what I should get.

Anyone have a recommendation for me?


KC Island
#2904147 - 01/23/18 07:06 AM Re: OT: Headphones/gear for Skype meetings [Re: eric]
Rod S Offline
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I use a few different tools.

I use a USB plantronics headset for skype (which my wife bought since she uses Skype a lot). My apartment is pretty quiet and we have an office setup in one of the rooms, so no need for noise reduction. They have a noise cancellation model which I've heard doesn't work very well. I'm used to these and can wear them all day if needed.

My company uses an AT&T system, it`s noisy to use VOIP so I have the system call my landline and I plug a headphone into the telephone.

I have the bose noise reduction earphones which are quite nice, but I've only used them if I'm trying to do a call in a noisy day, but they should work (it's been a while actually that I've used it). If you have a constant background noise (love taking them in airplanes to kill the turbine rumble) they work really well, if the noise is varying it depends.
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#2904236 - 01/23/18 11:33 AM Re: OT: Headphones/gear for Skype meetings [Re: Rod S]
Lou_NC Offline

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I work at a large international corporation and spend a good bit of time each day on Skype meetings. I use a Plantronics USB headset (headphones and boom mic), the number on the package is C320-M. They're not expensive, they're comfortable, and they work great. I'm sure you can spend a boatload more for Bose, but personally, I wouldn't!

Good luck,


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