Anyone have any (new) opportunities to look forward to? New bands, better gigs, album releases ...

(1) I hope to get my current band on stage in a few months, but we seem to be looking for a definite direction. It's gone from punkmetal to blues to '60s R&B and now '70s hardrock ...

(2) An excellent keys player whom I jammed with last year mailed me, to see if I am still up for starting a Top 40-ish cover band. He has the most talented guitarist I have ever worked with (whom I met in the band mentioned one paragraph above) so I am inclined to say "yes" to that. They don't have a drummer lined up yet, but allegedly do have a singer. Expectations would be to work hard @ home, rehearse a few times and get gigging.

(3) Tonight I am meeting up with the singer of my most recent ex-band. Great guy, excellent front man and a decent singer (if given the proper tunes). Got him to jam with keys + guitar from last paragraph last year but he bailed. Texted me two nights ago saying he wants to get a band together again. This would be a '90s and onwards alternative/grunge type band, which is something I could potentially get VERY excited about. I am sure there is a market for it, plus someone's already offered him a gig for this summer. But we'd need a drummer and a guitarist.

(4) Finally, I have a vague agreement with a former singer to do an acoustic-type duo where I would play electric upright, ukulele and whatever else floats my boat. This would be strictly for fun, not for gigging so it's low priority.

Not sure what will actually happen. I am most excited about (1) and (3), especially (3) because I've toyed with the idea of this type of band for years now. First we'll see how the meeting goes tonight smile And by the end of 2018 I will probably look back on this and see that nothing materialized grin
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