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#2898170 - 12/27/17 10:08 AM Stolen Gear Alert
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These always stink to have to pass on...

Brian Stoltz - a New Orleans guitarist who played with the Neville Brothers, Bob Dylan ("Oh Mercy" album), Dr. John, Tab Benoit, Jimmy Buffet, and tons of projects with Meters bassist George Porter like the Funky Meters, P.B.S. (Porter, Baptiste & Stoltz), and the Runnin' Partners - has had a big gear theft, including a lot of custom gear... it will probably have to be taken far away to be sold...

"PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD - The storage facility where I keep my musical equipment was burglarized. The thieves got away with a rather large amount of gear - 12 guitars, every gigable amp I own, a pedalboard with some unique, customized pieces and lots more. The list of stolen items follows as well as pics of the more important items. Please pass this around and any if you come across any info pertaining to the case please contact the Slidell Police Dept.
@985.643.3131, case
#1712-1127 and let me know too - it's much appreciated. Thank you kindly.

Brian Stoltz – STOLEN ITEMS

_ ‘75 Gibson “Les Paul Custom” Solid Body Electric (White Cream, aged yellow) Ser.#99217141 (U.S.) w/ Case

_ ’68 Gibson “Dove” Acoustic Guitar (Cherry Sunburst) w/ Case (NOTE: Case covered in stickers)

_ ’38 Gibson ES-150 Hollowbody Electric (Tobacco Sunburst) w/ Case

_ ’67 Fender “Mustang” (Vintage White, aged Yellow, Tortoise Shell Pickguard) Ser#198870 w/ Grey Tweed case

_ 2015 Schecter “Special Edition Corsair” (White/Gold Hardware/Fleur-de-lis on Headstock) W/ Schecter Case

_ ‘90 Heritage “H357” Red Firebird Logo on front / Modified Ser# G07001 (usa) w/ Heritage Rectangle Case

_ 1990 Starfield “Atair” Electric (NOTE: Brian Stoltz engraved in Headstock) (RARE, U.S. made) w/ Rectangle Case

_ Regal Dobro Steel Resonator Acoustic Guitar W/ Beige Case

_ Schecter “Stargazer” 12-String Electric (Red, Crimson Ghost Finish) W/ Rectangle Case

_ Frankenstein (Homemade) 12-string (Brown finish) (NO CASE)

_ Kramer “Ultimate Sustainer” Electric (Grey) W/ Kramer Rectangle Case

_ Ibanez “GSR205” 5-String Bass (Black) w/ Black Rectangle Case

_ O’Brien 100 wt. Amp Head (Sunburst Red)

_ Heavy Duty Flight Case for above O’Brien 50 wt Amp Head (Black w/ Metal Trim)

_ Budda “SuperDrive 30” 1X12 Combo Amp Ser# SD30II01 Q–0516

_’70 Ampeg VT-40 4X10 Combo Amp

_ ’61 Ampeg Jet 1X12 combo

_ Peavey Stereo Chorus 2X12 combo

_ Marshall 4X12 Slanted Speaker Cabinet

_ Mesa 1X15 cab (no speaker)

_ Korg SDD‑3000‑PDL Programmable Digital Delay

_ Korg XVP20 Stereo Volume and Expression Pedal

_ Carl Martin Route Box
¬_ The above three item was in a small Flight Case (Black w/ Metal Trim) along with various length cables

_ TC Electronic Polytune Noir (black) Mini 2 Pedal Tuner

_ Budda “Budwah” Pedal

_ Dunlop “Jimi Hendrix Band Of Gypsys Fuzz Face” (Red w/ White Knobs) Ser# AB99B710

_ Maxxon “OD-9 Overdrive” (w/ modification) (Green w/ blue lettering) Ser# 059N00086

_ Trombetta “Mini-Bone” (Custom-Made) (Purple-Green-Gold w/ Brian Stoltz painted on top)

_ One Control “Prussian Blue” Reverb (Blue w/ Black Knobs, Gold Lettering)

_ Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

_ One Control “Tiger Lily” Tremelo (Copper w/ Black Knobs, Black Lettering)

_ T-Rex “Replica” Digital Delay (Brown w/ Black Knobs) Ser# RP5445

_ Catlinbread “Ottava Magus” (white w/ purple knobs) Ser# H8XYFIL8

_ Skreddy “Swirl” (Black w/ Large Black Knob on top)

_ BBE “Supa-Charger” Power Supply (Mounted Underneath Board)

_ One Control “Distro” Power Supply (Mounted Underneath Board)

_ One Half Case DR “Pure Blues” (.010 - .046) Guitar String Sets

_ One Half Case DR “Tite-Fit” (.010 - .050) Guitar String Sets

_ One Half Case DR “Zebra” Acoustic-Electric (.012- .054) Guitar String Sets

_ Various Gauge Single Guitar Strings

_ Two (2) 30’ “Monster” Cables (Black w/ Gold Plugs)

_ Two (2) 20’ Braided Instrument Cables (One Purple, One Orange w/ Switchcraft Steel Plugs)

_ Several 8” “Monster” & “Planet Waves” Patch Cables

_ Black Pouch containing various Ceramic Slides, Capos, Guitar Picks, etc.

_Pedaltrain PT-2 Pedalboard (Black, NOTE: Board is inside Brady Case w/ the above pedals & accessories)

_ Brady Pedalboard Flight Case (Black w/ Metal Trim)

_ SKB ‘PS-45’ Powered Pedalboard (Black) (EMPTY)

_ Roland “Juno 106” Synthesizer

_ Yamaha “DX7” Synthesizer (w/ case)

Misc. Items
_ Set Indian Tabla Drums w\soft case"

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#2898172 - 12/27/17 10:12 AM Re: Stolen Gear Alert [Re: p90jr]
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#2898177 - 12/27/17 10:19 AM Re: Stolen Gear Alert [Re: p90jr]
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I hope he is insured well. Nothing can replace prize instruments, but new gear always helps to soothe the pain somewhat.
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#2898205 - 12/27/17 01:16 PM Re: Stolen Gear Alert [Re: desertbluesman]
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I hope they catch the thieves, lock them up and throw away the key! I'm thinking they must have had keys to the units, a master key or a good set of locksmith tools, as the locks had not appeared to have been tampered with... cop

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#2898228 - 12/27/17 03:26 PM Re: Stolen Gear Alert [Re: Larryz]
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Originally Posted By: desertbluesman
I hope he is insured well. Nothing can replace prize instruments, but ....

Cat lost a lot !
Most storage facilities offer in-house insurance & idk one might be able to have a renter's policy.
There should be some video of the entries/exists to the property & maybe other views.

P90, is there a general site you monitor this stuff ?

#2898257 - 12/27/17 08:00 PM Re: Stolen Gear Alert [Re: d]
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Originally Posted By: d

P90, is there a general site you monitor this stuff ?

His post just made it to all the musicians in the area on facebook.

The news story above points out that the thieves hit several of the units in the indoor secure storage facility... and nobody seems to know how, yet, so I don't think they're bumbling amateurs...

#2898274 - 12/28/17 03:55 AM Re: Stolen Gear Alert [Re: p90jr]
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Until you mentioned they hit several other units I'd have thought it was an "inside" job. Somebody had to know that stuff was in there.

But I often tune in to those "Storage War" TV shows. They get into those units with a type of power saw or bolt cutters as most of them are secured with padlocks or combo locks. Could be the thieves just happened to hit the jackpot.

And as it was an indoor facility, you can't back a truck up to the units, and you gotta wonder that nobody noticed all that stuff being carried out. And also being indoor, were there no security cameras? HHhhhmmmmm.........
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#2898699 - 12/30/17 02:31 PM Re: Stolen Gear Alert [Re: whitefang]
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Yeah, no security cameras? wtf.
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