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#2890212 - 11/14/17 09:01 AM
Rod S Offline
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I saw this mentioned just in another recent thread, but wanted to mention it separately again.

I have a free subscription through work, and a few months ago I decided to check it out.

I was pleasantly with the number and overall good quality of the tutorials available, not only different software but also on music composition.

I have a lot of time on planes and cars (as passenger cool ), and the site allows you to download the tutorials to view offline. The course outline is laid out by topics and in short videos so you can focus on specific topics.

Definitely recommend people interested in learning more about music software to check out.
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#2890214 - 11/14/17 09:15 AM Re: [Re: Rod S]
FJR Offline
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Also get a subscription to Lynda. Being a Rush fan, I enjoyed the presentation by their monitor soundman.

#2890286 - 11/14/17 02:11 PM Re: [Re: FJR]
Krakked Knuckles Offline
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I like, but when my free subscription ran out I didn't renew it. I have this worry that all these subscriptions are getting out of hand. There are so many of them in so many places and of so many types. I can actually envisage somebody dying and their subscriptions continuing to be paid in perpetuity because nobody knows what they are or how to cancel them.....

I can also envisage myself forgetting which subscriptions I have and continuing to pay them without even using them...... (and I have a more than sneaking suspicion that this is exactly what the marketers of these things intend....) So I just avoid them completely. smile
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#2890291 - 11/14/17 02:17 PM Re: [Re: Krakked Knuckles]
timwat Offline
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I agree with you - I try to avoid pay-for subscriptions online 100%.

Generally these days anything worth learning can eventually be found for free. Sure there are a few things I probably miss by being stubborn, but I didn't deem any of it life-changing or need-to-have. so I waited and found it elsewhere for free.
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