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#2524659 - 09/05/13 10:15 AM Fingering
emaruffi Offline

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Hello Keyboard,
I've noticed that most, if not all the music example in Keyboard magazine don't have fingering, as most of the musicians were interested in only knowing the notes to play as opposed to how to play them. Especially in exercises (Eldar, etc.) it would be very useful to find out how certain passages are played.
Thanks, Emanuele

#2524902 - 09/06/13 05:57 AM Re: Fingering [Re: emaruffi]
Bif_ Offline
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I would like to see that too!
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#2839201 - 03/02/17 02:44 PM Re: Fingering [Re: Bif_]
Donsta Offline
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I also would love to see this.
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#2856648 - 05/22/17 07:29 AM Re: Fingering [Re: Donsta]
analogman1 Offline
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#2868661 - 07/22/17 10:38 PM Re: Fingering [Re: analogman1]
Synthia Offline

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The Art of Piano Fingering: Traditional, Advanced, and Innovative by Rami Bar-Niv (2013) is a great book. It focuses on classical piano, but I think that his book is useful for any keyboardist, including a rock or jazz pianist, an organist or a synthesist, which is what I am. He covers some wild techniques, like "mashes", clusters and even the karate chop! He does not specifically cover the minor pentatonic scales but the general principles he describes are useful for any scale. He covers chords and of course, the advanced classical repertoire as well as a little about jazz.

The minor pentatonic scales are covered in Pentatonic Scales for the Jazz-Rock Keyboardist by Jeff Burns (Publ. Hal•Leonard, 1997) and there are some videos on YouTube which cover the minor pentatonic scales, for example by Brent Henderson.

In his book, Rami Bar-Niv relates that the composer Hector Berlioz believed that musicians should devise their own fingerings rather than rely on what others say. If I'm working from written music which has some suggested fingerings, I'll give them a try, but frequently the suggested fingerings just don't work for me, because my hands are weird, and sometimes I'm messing with the pitch bend wheel.

I find it interesting that Johann Sebastian Bach left almost no suggested fingerings in most of his works, only in a few pedagogical pieces like the "Applicatio in C Major" (from the Wilhelm Friedemann ClavierBüchlein.) I also find it interesting that in the Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments, written by his son, C. P. E. Bach, several fingerings are given for the different scales suggesting the importance of being flexible and adapting your fingering to the circumstances.

But yeah, +1, I'd like to see some suggested fingerings!
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#2877346 - 09/05/17 11:57 PM Re: Fingering [Re: Synthia]
kat1 Offline

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Can someone please tell what is the theory behind a minor chord becoming a major in a major scale like now i am playing a bollywood song called senorita which is in the key of a major but in the song there come some parts where c minor becomes c major ,f# minor becomes f# major and b minor becomes b major.Please explain the theory behind it.

#2888846 - 11/06/17 03:06 PM Re: Fingering [Re: kat1]
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#2889928 - 11/12/17 01:24 PM Re: Fingering [Re: A String]
d Offline
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As a guitarist drawn here by noticing moderator A String's name, I have a comment that may make a point abt this idea.

It's not uncommon in either keyboard or stringed instrument notation to include fingerings, exp b/c the guitar has so many possibilities.

One factor that might affect that on kboards is the span of a players hand & their choice of index, middle or ring fingers for the inner voices of chords.
Another would be the representation of certain stylistic conventions, such as "Floyd Cramer" style wherein a finger plays a note & slides off to another, which might be represented by that sliding effect or by another finger.


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