For those who had a little interest in knowing what my High Definition Audio post-processing sounds like, two very short examples.

One from Depeche Mode (track 4 " A Broken Frame ", a shorter piece than the official demo from HDTracks ) depe_frag1b.mp3 (15 sec 44.1 ste mp3 "only" 128kbps)

And here's one to compare with the track demo from this
HDTracks album page, track 4 from Trilogy, Chick Corea (Live) chic_frag1.mp3 (15 sec 44.1 ste mp3 128kbps)

It's hard to get super sound from mp3's admittedly, but I like my seriously post-processed version so much better, it seems more like the originals I recall, too.

Clearly, these tiny examples are interesting keyboard sound examples, both artists influenced me, and I hope the "right sound" can become part of live and studio work again.