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#2872237 - 08/11/17 03:09 AM Playing Yankee Doodle
Theo Verelst Offline
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Or something else simple and far from petty-bourgeois parochialism. It's like, you set up a current instrument from the (electronic) music store, git some volume from a monitor, and play. Pretend it's a primary school group listening or something, and try to keep them intetested. Say like the teacher in Beavis & Butthead, or some other way, but it has to be musical , and not use any samples from "phenomenon" (from the greek: φαινόμενον, but I mean the song, obviously) or something else with cheap thrills.

I mean nowadays it's easy to sound good or in some way interesting without spending much even on samples but it isn't easy to be serious about something so simple. It's always hard to sound serious on a simple instrument and it's not so easy to sound really good with a simple song.

I like piano, when it's tuned good, and an excellent player could do all verses keeping my interest. For instance for a beginner on a humble organ, it can be a real challenge even, to not look a bit funny! You know, you're the serious 6 feet 4 guy sitting yourself down on that bench and people want to be entertained, that's a challenge. Unless you can hide in a band or have the excuse the teacher made you.

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#2872264 - 08/11/17 05:23 AM Re: Playing Yankee Doodle [Re: Theo Verelst]
Nadroj Offline
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#2872265 - 08/11/17 05:46 AM Re: Playing Yankee Doodle [Re: Theo Verelst]
Synthoid Online   content
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#2872279 - 08/11/17 06:35 AM Re: Playing Yankee Doodle [Re: Synthoid]
Dr88s Offline
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That was an unexpectedly fascinating read. Thanks Synthoid!
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#2872292 - 08/11/17 07:07 AM Re: Playing Yankee Doodle [Re: Dr88s]
Wastrel Offline
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Did you happen to follow the link to "Mozart’s Much Less Family Friendly Works?" Who knew?
“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.”
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#2872491 - 08/12/17 05:37 AM Re: Playing Yankee Doodle [Re: Wastrel]
Theo Verelst Offline
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A little conjecture in that story, with resonance in historic data, or something of that nature...

Here's a very very short YD from YT, with the latest phaser supplied CP4 experiment that can (through a MX400 as well) maintain instrument illusions enough to play complicated music as well:


recorded by digitally importing the MX400 output and converting from 48k to 44.1 (there's a click maybe because ffmpeg asked to confirm file overwrite, or because the Linux<-->Omega driver isn't perfect, donno). Worth taking a listen, no earth shattering playing in this piece!


#2872549 - 08/12/17 12:23 PM Re: Playing Yankee Doodle [Re: Theo Verelst]
davedoerfler Offline
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Originally Posted By: Theo Verelst

Worth taking a listen

I did. Very interesting rendition.
In all seriousness, whatever works for you is absolutely the way to go.

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#2872646 - 08/13/17 11:30 AM Re: Playing Yankee Doodle [Re: davedoerfler] Offline
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