One of the unusual but cool things I saw at Bluedot last weekend was an ear care stall from Hearology. It sold earplugs but also had a lab offering microsuction cleaning (way better than syringing if you haven't tried it) and laser ear scanning for custom plug/IEM molds. As the laser scanning was free I thought I'd give it a go.

They have some photos on their website but basically you put on these big plastic rings around your ears - which are slightly spiky to keep them still, and then the operator waves the tip of the scanner inside your ear and around the lobe to get the outer shape. I had a screen in front which showed the scan being built up - very cool. The tip of the scanner is hot which was disconcerting but not unpleasant. Overall it took about 10 minutes to do both ears. I've not tried the traditional "blue foam" so I can't compare but overall it was quick and fuss-free.

They seem like a very new company, possibly built around this new scanning technology, so I can't really comment on anything else but overall I was very impressed with the experience and the staff. They have a four models of IEM that they sell and I'm very tempted to give them a go. Unfortunately there isn't much in the way of specs, at least compared to the other manufacturers which is giving me a bit of pause but we'll see. Anyway I'm impressed with them pitching up at a festival, they were certainly raising plenty of awareness of music-induced hearing loss, even if they do profit from it.
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