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#2867424 - 07/17/17 10:24 AM Re: Instant Nord Stage EX HP76 review [Re: stoken6]
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Originally Posted By: stoken6
Originally Posted By: mate stubb
It's been so long since I had an Electro 2 that it's hard to remember, but I'm not sure my favorites - Sparkletop and Nefertiti - were even available back then.

Nope - no way to load external Piano Library samples into an E2. You had the stock EPs, but I can't remember what they were.
Not exactly. The E2 had its own available sounds - six grand pianos (some are mono/stereo or close-miked variations of the same - Steinway D, Malmsjo, Upright, and C7), two electric grands (CP-80 and Model G), and six EPs. They are still available here.

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#2880273 - 09/19/17 02:01 PM Re: Instant Nord Stage EX HP76 review [Re: mate stubb]
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Hey Moe!

Any new thoughts on the action after living with it for awhile?

I'm considering a NS2EX 76HP seeing as they're on clearance now. I managed to spend 10 minutes on one at the store last week - the action is so different, I couldn't really tell if it would work for me unless I spent several days/weeks with it.

I must say though, once I plugged in some headphone and tested it that way, it made a big difference to how it sounded and felt to play.

#2880280 - 09/19/17 02:23 PM Re: Instant Nord Stage EX HP76 review [Re: kayriss]
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Originally Posted By: kayriss
Any new thoughts on the action after living with it for awhile?

No, I would still say about the same thing. I'm gigging every week and recording with it, and still getting along with it.

It's not an inspiring action, but I am playing dance music instead of anything very demanding. Some others have suggested playing it with a lighter touch rather than pounding, and I can agree with that.

I GREATLY appreciate the weight savings made possible with the action. It is now not nearly so much of a chore to haul my Stage around to rehearsals and gigs.
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