Hey, I have a new band, a collaborative trio called Stockhausen Syndrome. It's pretty synth-heavy, even the drummer plays synths. We just released a Bandcamp album of material recorded live at our first 2 shows, it's mostly improvised, no overdubs and minimal editing.

You can download the album (pay whatever you like) here: stocksyndrome.bandcamp.com

We also have some live videos, including tunes not released on the album. Here, for example, is our take on Donna Summer's I Feel Love:

My setup for these shows is: Casio PX-5S, Hammond XK-1c, Novation SL 61 MK 2 controlling Mainstage, Nord Lead 1, Minimoog Model D, and a 6U Eurorack modular setup. We're also joined on 2 tracks by my friend Zak, on a pretty massive 12U Euro system.
Turn up the speaker
Hop, flop, squawk
It's a keeper
-Captain Beefheart, Ice Cream for Crow