Up for sale: Pedaltrain PT-Pro-SC pedalboard and soft-case, like new, CLEAN, BARELY used, with the included adhesive-backed hook-side Velcro applied to the pedalboard but never actually used with any loop-side Velcro attached (will include unused roll of loop-side Velcro for pedals).

Top of the line touring rig with a stronger center reinforced frame design, more space underneath to mount power supplies and power strips. For the player who needs a large pedalboard without the extra bulk (or expense) of a flight case. Heavy duty cordura nylon gig bag included with solid panels sewn inside the walls for added strength, plus a large and roomy gusseted pouch on the exterior.

Frame: 32x16x3.5 inches; Aircraft grade aluminum, 7 lbs. Includes hook-and-loop Velcro with adhesive backing ("hook"-side already installed, "loop"-side in roll). Room in underside for power-supplies such as Voodoo Lab Pedal-Power, etc. (NOT INCLUDED).

Soft Case: 34x18x5.5 inches; Durable cordura nylon, thick padding, sturdy construction, extra sewn panels, thick handles and shoulder-strap; bonus gusseted storage pocket. Large feet on underside and bottom panels.

$145.00 USD, plus cost of shipping.

Stock photos originally from manufacturer's site:

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