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#2850764 - 04/21/17 03:17 AM Common cause of hardware failure?
Markay Offline
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Dropped by the supplier of our IT desktops and laptops today and asked how business was.

Flat out with repairs was the reply.

How come? I asked.

Well he replied 'I think it is due to the 30 days of rain and humidity we have just had, which, combined with the dust that accumulates on mobos, memory and cards, has resulted in these failing'.

Gave me pause for thought, is this one of the main reasons keyboards fail?

I guess devices with fans in them would be more susceptible, but unless tightly sealed, any electronic device would be at risk as it ages.
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#2850766 - 04/21/17 03:48 AM Re: Common cause of hardware failure? [Re: Markay]
Markyboard Offline
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If there's high enough humidity to cause condensation on electronic components then I can see it. Keyboards are no different from computers in this regard. I run a dehumidifier in my basement a few months a year although once the AC is on it takes the place of that.

#2850781 - 04/21/17 05:51 AM Re: Common cause of hardware failure? [Re: Markyboard]
SkiGuy777 Offline
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I guess I've been very lucky, because I've been using my Korg 01W/FD and Hammond XK2 for years and they're still going. I also have a Rhodes 88 soft shell with the full amp and it still works. I don't move the Rhodes, it stays and I use it to practice. It does make static when I turn the knobs, could probably oil them to fix that. I practice on the Rhodes with the amp off, and I can hear everything just fine.

I bring an extra keyboard (Korg PS60) to the gig just in case. When my Korg or Hammond die I'm going to cry, try to get it fixed, but will probably have to buy a newer model.

I'd say the power supply parts are what go bad.

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#2850816 - 04/21/17 09:04 AM Re: Common cause of hardware failure? [Re: SkiGuy777]
mate stubb Offline
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Early component failure - often if a part is going to fail, it fails right away, within a few hours. Hopefully companies are burning in their instruments before testing.

Non lead solder. Non lead solder. Did I mention non lead solder?

Most of my gig keyboards stay in cases between band jobs, which helps keep them fairly clean.
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#2850825 - 04/21/17 10:12 AM Re: Common cause of hardware failure? [Re: mate stubb]
Delaware Dave Offline
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cheaply made parts and did I mention non-lead solder?
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#2850826 - 04/21/17 10:30 AM Re: Common cause of hardware failure? [Re: Delaware Dave]
ElmerJFudd Online   content
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Power issues like brown outs, voltage fluctuations, crappy or inadequate power supply, mismatched amperes - these are common reasons for failure as well.

Also partly related, overheating.
And dry humidity where pcb cracks.
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#2850827 - 04/21/17 10:39 AM Re: Common cause of hardware failure? [Re: ElmerJFudd]
miden Offline
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Not really a case of non-lead solder, more a case of rosin based flux, not acid!
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