Helping a friend do a new control room -- approx 28 x 19 feet.

There are 2 utility rooms at the back behind the mix position.

We will be doing a drop ceiling over the 10 foot high sections with 2 layers of 3" 2x4 Roxul tiles throughout, including the 2 utility rooms.

We could do both 6 foot utility room walls (A & B) with 6" studs and have floor to ceiling trapping with double layer Roxul -- seems like a very good corner trap.

Also wondering what material options to consider for the curtain (C) which is 11 ft long by 10 ft high -- thinking limp mass but on a budget, and has to function as a curtain.

Do you think this is a good approach, if not what would be better ?

Hmm... also just had to do the photo bucket dance to upload an image, geez it's 2017, am I missing a better way?


Ok, and I didn't't even get the image thing right, just paste the URL, I'm getting too old for this smile

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