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#2793227 - 07/28/16 07:10 AM College Student 10 by 14 Control Room. Possible?
RexKiegan Offline

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Greetings everybody
I have a question about how I would go about treating my 10 by 14 by 8 foot high room for mixing.

I currently attend UMass Amherst for Civil Engineering, and live off campus in a house. I have been saving up and think I have enough to turn my room into a control room for mixing. I have a Slate Digital VMS and a pair for HS7 monitors, so all I need is to acoustically treat my space.

The room is wall to wall carpeted, and my desk can go anywhere, sound is my priority in my home setup.

What type of things should I be looking at to buy to treat this type of space? What is the ballpark cost I am looking at, and is this even possible? I was going to get Auralex ATOM 12, but I hate how Auralex has a monopoly. I was thinking about broadband panels would be more effective. I also already own 24 pieces of used Auralex foam.

I was thinking of getting this pack in combination but it is quite pricy. I figured because Primacoustic should idealy have an "ideal" setup calculated for me:

I know it is a smaller space but hopefully it can be useable. Thanks so much!

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#2793570 - 07/30/16 10:48 AM Re: College Student 10 by 14 Control Room. Possible? [Re: RexKiegan]
Ethan Winer Moderator Offline
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The foam kit you linked above is not a real solution for several reasons: mostly because it's foam, but also because none of those panels are nearly thick enough to work as bass traps. If you're serious about buying quality treatment for your room, and want expert advice, I'll be glad to help you through my own company:

RealTraps Contact

We're one of the most highly respected manufacturers of acoustic products, and out customer list includes some of the most famous engineers and corporations in the world:

RealTraps Reviews

The good news is you can re-purpose the Auralex foam you have now, and just get some serious bass traps from RealTraps. I help people with that all the time.



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