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#2842748 - 03/18/17 07:39 PM Re: Your Latest Purchase [Re: brenner13]
cphollis Offline
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Loc: Massachussets, Florida
Say YES to GAS ...

Cloning my rigs for the two bands I play in.

Rig one: Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 4D, SSv3. All good.

Rig two: Nord Stage 2, Behringer Deepmind 2, RCF TT08-a.

Pulled the trigger on all the missing pieces: cables, pedals, throne, amps, mixer, etc.

I'm cloning myself. Two standalone rigs, no sharing smile

Well, actually three rigs, because I have my summer gig stuff.
Life is too short to be playing bad music.

Keys: Nord Stage 2, Piano 2, Electro 4D
Practice: Yam N3, Bosendorfer 200 Klimt Model
Amps: Fulcrum 12ac, QSC Ks, CPS SSv3
Support: Spider Pro, QSC TouchPro

KC Island
#2842750 - 03/18/17 07:45 PM Re: Your Latest Purchase [Re: Dave Keys]
Uncle Jam Offline
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Originally Posted By: Dave Keys
Yesterday I bought a Nord Electro 5HP 73.

The RD700nx is way too heavy to keep schlepping to gigs (86lbs/39kg of gear), but I love it, so it's being kept for studio and gigs where 88 notes is a necessity.

The Nord is fantastic though - apart from being a great user friendly board with some great sounds, it weighs only 25lbs/11.4kg, plus, I'm thinking of ordering an SKB case like this:
It weighs only about a pound more than the Red soft case that Nord make.

Dave - How do you like the action on the 5HP 73 for playing piano?

#2842760 - 03/18/17 08:02 PM Re: Your Latest Purchase [Re: Uncle Jam]
midinut Offline
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Registered: 08/18/03
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Loc: North Carolina for my MacBook Pro
and for my SSv3.

It's the little things that count. lol

Oh and Plugin Boutique had the Novation V-Station on sale so i grabbed that too.

#2842771 - 03/18/17 08:28 PM Re: Your Latest Purchase [Re: cphollis]
davedoerfler Offline
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Originally Posted By: cphollis
Two standalone rigs, no sharing smile

sure makes it easier, doesn't it? smile
"skating away on the thin ice of the New Day."

Jethro Tull

#2842896 - 03/19/17 03:17 PM Re: Your Latest Purchase [Re: davedoerfler]
gino Offline
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Registered: 04/01/12
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Loc: Sydney NSW, Australia
A used Motif XF7. After 21 years of service it will replace my roland XP-80 in a 2 keyboard rig.

#2843010 - 03/20/17 07:13 AM Re: Your Latest Purchase [Re: gino]
RABid Offline
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My Roland Aerophone came in Friday. Never had a chance to do much with it this weekend. Sounds better than I expected. Will take me a while to remember sax fingering.
This post edited for speling.

#2843231 - 03/20/17 06:05 PM Re: Your Latest Purchase [Re: RABid]
dama Offline
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Registered: 12/24/12
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Loc: New Jersey, USA
a pair of Alto Truesonic TS210s. 10's, 22lbs, and two side handles. Not the best sound I've heard by far, but they seem ok for stage monitors.
I needed something light and inexpensive.
Nord electro 3 73, Casio Px-5s, Yamaha SY-85, A&H ZED FX mixer, 2 EV EXl112P speakers, Peavey KB60 amp practice amp

#2843273 - 03/20/17 08:44 PM Re: Your Latest Purchase (music related) [Re: justin_havu]
Crazyfoo Offline

Registered: 03/19/17
Posts: 3
I didn't need anymore gear but touring with a Midi OB-Xa in the 80's, and being a huge oberheim fan, I couldn't resist when the OB-6 came out.
Pairs wonderfully with my Voyager.

#2843440 - 03/21/17 11:04 AM Re: Your Latest Purchase [Re: gino]
Mighty Motif Max Offline
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Loc: MN, U.S.
Originally Posted By: gino
A used Motif XF7. After 21 years of service it will replace my roland XP-80 in a 2 keyboard rig.

Yamaha: Motif XF8, YS200, CVP-305, YPG-235, PSR-295, MSR100.

Titano Virtuoso Converter accordion, Resident Audio T4, Casio CT-370. Kimball Valencia/Broadway organs-late 70's/early 80's, Shure SM-57.

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