this just in from dickie's lifepartner and manager, suzy michelson... please spread the word, and a nod in the rag couldn' hurt either gents!! thanks!!

Susan Michelson <> Sat, Oct 25, 2014 at 2:01 PM
To: Susan Michelson Wagnermusic <>

Dearest Friends,

We are most honored to let you know that Dick Wagner has been placed on the Official Ballot for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards by The Recording Academy in three categories. We would so much appreciate your help to get Dick into the Final Top 5 Nominees.

Dick’s CAPTURED album was the last release before his untimely passing on July 30. While better known as “The Maestro of Rock” for his work with Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Aerosmith, and others, Dick was tremendously proud of his first solo instrumental album of jazz and blues. We would so love to see him honored with a posthumous nomination!

If you are a voting member of the Grammys, we ask for your consideration in voting for Dick. The Grammy ballots have now been sent to all voting members and must be received by the Academy by Wednesday, November 5.

If you're not a voting member, we would still appreciate you spreading the word to everyone you know about this great moment. After all, this has all happened because of your friendship and support over the years. It is OK to ask people on a one-to-one basis to support Dick with their vote (or to ask people to forward our ballot info to friends). This type of individual campaigning is entirely expected and permitted.

Feel free to reach out to everyone you know by Email, on Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media sites, as long as you send Dick’s Grammy info to them privately. No public postings or group/anonymous email blasts are allowed.

Dick had a huge heart, which is perhaps why it gave him so much trouble, it was simply too full of love, of music and life. His creativity and passion will live on forever in the legacy he has left for us, in his music and his words.

As Dick said in 2013, “Love is in the air. Breathe deep!”

Thanks so much for all your help.


Susan Michelson

Managing Partner, Dick Wagner

602 920 8115

The Recording Academy has placed Dick Wagner on the Official Ballot for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in the following categories. Click to listen:

Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

Dick Wagner – Captured

Best American Roots Performance

Dick Wagner – B Natural Baby Blues

Best Improvised Jazz Solo

Dick Wagner - My Blue Peach