Picked up the April GP over the weekend for the run down on new gear I might consider as I plot my return to performing & Net marketing this year & was pleasantly surprised to find a set of articles on Howard Roberts, one of the forgotten greats of mid 20th C gtr.
You can get the full bg from the mag but he was a studio master in LA, an innovative & really hip jazz-rock cat, a columnist for GP & a dedicated teacher who created one of the 1st modern gtr schools in the USA.

One of his students was GP's own Jesse Gress, who wrote a great tribute to HR in this Apr issue as well as one of his continuing series of "You're Playing It Wrong" columns.
However, while JG points out this month that what-you-think-you-here-maybe-ain't-what-you-really-hear on The Who's early hit "I'm Free", ther's agremlin at work there at GP switching info between the staff notaion & the tab.

In ex 2, the B5 chord is correct in the tab but the notation has A as the root.
In ex 3 the G5 chord similarly has the correct tab but the notation has shifted one note to a delicate F# for some kinda subtle Gmaj7 power chord.