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#2576660 - 03/02/14 07:54 AM I really need help with making music?
wjfkddf Offline
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I really want to compose song and music using the combination of piano, guitar, and drum. Of course I will have to learn how to compose music but which instrument should I start with? I think it'll be better to learn the instrument which will help alot in learning the second instrument.

btw, I plan to make alternative rock+ pop. So I really need to know what type of piano I need to practice (I hate classic)

my questions are:

1. What instruments should I start out with if I want to learn to compose song/music using the 3 instruments (guitar, piano, and drum)?

2. I plan to use piano mostly only for intro melody and maybe a little bit of rhythm and go with guitar until the end. In this case, wouldn't learning guitar would be better since there are lots of techniques to learn in guitar, which you cannot learn in piano?

3. In end which one should I start with?

any advices

#2582179 - 03/19/14 07:26 AM Re: I really need help with making music? [Re: wjfkddf]
Beat Poet Offline
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It sounds to me like you'd better forget about writing songs for now and master an instrument first, I'd recommend guitar.
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#2601474 - 06/03/14 02:26 PM Re: I really need help with making music? [Re: Beat Poet]
James Rajan Offline

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As Beat Poet said, I can vouch for either the guitar or piano. Either of which would be a good starting point.

I like to look at it as which defines the metronome moreso. This can help with learning other instruments as they'll sorta 'fall into place' after you've mastered the first one -- if I'm making any sense.

Hope this helps and good luck!


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